has anyone purchased a bag from ebay id bagteria?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am thinking of purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag from bagteria. She is a recommended seller of MyPoupette but am not sure if that's really a reliable source(?). I'm just afraid of plunking down $1500 on a bag and to find out that it is fake.

    Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!
  2. Post a link in the authentic this form
    Addy, John and Lv ( sorry if I am missing anyone)
    are wonderful and they will tell if authentic or not. They are soo great, can not believe all the time and attention they give all of us.
  3. yes yes, bagteria is a legit seller!!
  4. Yes.. Bagteria is a perfectly good seller.
  5. Please post this in the Authenticate This Louis Vuitton thread. Thanks.
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Not open for further replies.