Has anyone purchased a bag from Diabro.net?

  1. I really need to know. Some of the Chloe bags are kind of cheaper than the other. I'm getting a little suspicious.

    Someone told me that it was a legit site but has anyone bought an item from there and have actually got it authenticated?
    Thank you.
  2. The English version of Diabro only came online a couple of months ago. Before that, you have to understand Japanese to order from them. Given that most PFers are not Japanese, I doubt many would have experience with them. The few bags Chloes that are around the USD700+ mark are on sale – they are from older seasons and they were more expensive before (I know, I have been checking their Japanese site for several months now). USD700+ is not significantly different from the 50% off NAP sale, and NAP is actually having sale on *current* season bags, e.g. aubergine, brun. The rest of the Chloes around the USD1000+ mark is really not cheaper than LVR, at least for import into my country. LVR is cheaper than that for me, including local taxes.
  3. So do you think it's better for me to wait on the NAP sale for the Chloe's?
    And what did you mean about the knowing japanese thing? Like, are you saying i need to know the language to order from them?
  4. Previously, the Diabro website was only in Japanese. If you did not understand Japanese, how would you be able to order from them if you cannot even understand any of the options and boxes to fill in? A couple of months back, they set up an English website for foreigners, so I imagine they must have someone who can communicate in English.

    It is up to you whether you wish to wait for NAP or LVR sales. The sales may or may not have what you wish to purchase. I have full confidence in the authenticity of Diabro, but if you have any doubts, then don't do it.
  5. i am new here :smile:

    ended up here since I was looking for Bulgari jewellery online and that is how i found Diabro. I may try it...

    Has anyone now ever purchased anything from Japan`s Diabro-store?

    Looking forward to hearing from you! :wlae:

  6. I wanted to oreder a Chloe of diabro.net. Are the bags authentic?
  7. also, how much tax are you going to pay upon receipt?