Has anyone purchased a bag from Bag Borrow or Steal?

  1. I just discovered this yesterday; not sure how long it has been there. I was just wondering if anyone had bought anything from it yet and what the quality was. They were not as inexpensive as I would like considering they are used bags. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with it or know how long it has been up?
  2. where is it?
  3. There's an outlet? Where?
  4. I saw it on the Tyra show a few months ago. She gave everyone a few subscription. One of my co-workers uses them, she has one bag on lockdown. As long as she pays every month they are not getting it back. Some bags in the diva tier should go in the princess tier. She loves it.
  5. The outlet that I saw is on their webpage. I don't belong to BB or S, but I browse the bags fairly often just to see what they have. Yesterday I pulled it up and noticed that they had added two tabs at the top, one was "my closet" and the other was outlet. You had to sign up for a free membership, which I did, just to be able to browse but it was on their homepage. Here's the link:

  6. Is it just me or does this seem a little spendy? Wouldnt it benefit you more to just save that money and purchase the bag outright?
  7. I definitely thought they were a little pricey for used bags. I was wondering what kind of condition they were in when people finally bought them? I know I had looked a Coach last fall that retailed for over $400. They have it in their outlet, used, for $250ish(?) can't remember exactly, but I would think I would have been better off to have spent the extra $200 and gotten the brand new one. I just wanted to know if anyone had purchased one yet and how well they refurbish them before selling.
  8. hmmm...i agree with you jenniferelaine...some of the mulberrys are actually on sale now for about the same or even less than the outlet prices...
  9. how interesting...I just signed up for the free membership to check the outlet out too

    I think, depending on what you're looking for, there are some good deals and some things you could get cheaper on sale elsewhere...the only thing that bothers me is BBS's scandalous fake Guccis thing recently. also, I wouldn't mind a gently used bag, but I would want pictures of the actual bag to see how it's looking
  10. the items in sold under outlet is used?
  11. See, I want pics of the actual bag, too. :yes: I don't have a problem with used bags either, but I want to know exactly what I'm getting. And I think it is a good deal for certain bags (for example, there is a Cynthia Rowley that I have searched this planet for thats a couple of seasons old) that aren't too expensive to begin with, but for the most part, especially for Coach, I think they are overpriced. I will be curious to find out the quality when someone buys one.
  12. Hello all! I'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times. I tried searching the boards, but only got error messages.

    In general, I'm not into renting handbags. I'd rather save a few months' rental fees & buy the bag outright. Today, however, I noticed that Bag Borrow or Steal has an outlet where they sell their "gently used" bags:

    Bag Borrow or Steal™

    There are a couple of bags that I'm very interested in purchasing, at almost half off retail. I understand that the bags are used, but aside from that, does anybody have any feedback about this site? I appreciate your help!

  13. I've only ever browsed through their site but I found a Chanel Modern Chain classic flap in their outlet store for $1150. They say it is either gently used or never carried. I couldn't resist since I thought this was a great bargain and bought it, but am wondering if anyone has ever bought from them? If so, what condition was your bag when you got it? Mine is arriving next week but since I'm not currently in the US, I won't get it for another week or so. The anticipation is killing me!!!!
  14. There is another thread about the BBOS outlet sale. A lot of us just got bags from the sale last week.

  15. :tpfrox:Hi everyone,

    Questions for you gals, has anyone purchased a bag through Bag borrow or steal's outlet store? If it was "gently carried", was it really "gently carried" or was it in actually lesser condition? Also are their handbags for sure authentic and what is their return policy? Any info based on your experience would be great, TIA!