Has anyone pretreated their Coach bag?

  1. Just wondering if it's advisable to pretreat Coach pebbled leather bag or suede with something to resist stain. I do it with my shoes but I'm afraid to try it with the bag unless someone can share their previous experience on this. Thanks a whole lot!
  2. I have sprayed Apple Rain Guard on a Lavendar Nubuc Chelsea Satchel, Metallic Dusted Suede and an Ali Suede, with no ill affects. Go to Leathercare.com and read their recommendations. Just follow the instructions. It's hard to do a "test" spot with spray, but try it on the inside flap if you can. If you decide to use it, apply two coats, letting the first application dry completely (24 hrs)
  3. All Coach bags have been pretreated to be stain and water-resistant! Please don't use any shoe product on them. :tdown:

    FYI: Don’t use anything on pebbled leather, just mild soap and water on a clean cloth will clean it, if you get it really dirty than take it to a cleaner. If you have a Coach suede bag (all suede), they should come with a suede cleaning kit with rubber and brush. I think they work really well! :sweatdrop:
  4. Thanks for the great info,ladies!
  5. All Coach bags are already pre-treated. If you do anything to your bag and it ruins it that will void your warranty and you're out of luck. Proceed with caution. I don't recommend doing anything like that though.
  6. I would ask the SA!
  7. What about Coach shoes?
  8. is this the same pebbled bag i also just got from the outlet? i think i m not gonna pretreat it. it is pebbled, so scratches and stuff show less. did u get the little card inside which said jsut wipe clean?