Has anyone preordered Balenciaga from Luisa Viaroma yet?

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  1. I've emailed them like three times in the space of 1.5 weeks and no one is responding to my emails. Am wanting to make a Chloe purchase at the same time so I need to ensure they are shipped together :sad:

    Help anyone? I am from Australia so time differences are all wacky.
  2. They're pretty poor at replying emails. Your best bet is to call them. I had to do that when there was some glitch with my Paddy order earlier this year. Emailing got me practically nowhere. Which Chloe were you thinking of getting, btw?
  3. edith!

    so far im thinking a classique in rouge viv and an edith in whiskey. im just scared ill end up wanting a City instead, and waste money returning things!

    how much did you get charged for customs last time you ordered? :smile:
  4. Nice choice! Do you carry heaps? If not, the First is not bad. But a word of caution.. I've heard it's the pits trying to return/exchange anything with LVR. Nawth had lots of problems with them.

    You know that glitch I was talking about? Well, my order didn't get filled. Apparently their website was glitchy and showed some stuff as being still "available" when in fact they had sold out. My CC was charged tho! Got an email from them that the item is not available, blahx3.. I just rang them to say I wanted my $$ back ASAP. Also shot them 3 emails but those were a waste of time. So, sorry.. I don't know how much customs would've been. But it would be around $300-ish for a City, I think.
  5. oh that sucks, ok i will just call them and see if i can place my order that way. i wouldn't order through them otherwise, but it just works out cheaper :sad:

    i guess im buying the edith for when i carry heaps, and the classique for the other days :smile: