Has anyone preordered a MMS regular size?

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  1. In one of the threads it included an email from Jackie saying that she wasn't currently making the MMS regular size for the website, but some stores had ordered them.....and if we wanted one we had to preorder within 5 days...listed these color combos:
    . Chocolate crash, silver hardware
    · Purple crash, gold hardware
    · Petrol Crash, gold hardware
    · Pewter crash, silver hardware

    Has anyone ordered one? If so, what was the price?
  2. I am on the fence abou the MMS or the TME and I know I have to make a decision very soon.

    I never even thought to ask about the price!

    Whichever I get it will be chocolate crash. I think.
  3. I seriously cannot make a decision until i see the swatch of the leather. I have the Purple Swatch right now but I am not sure.

    I think I maybe leaning chocolate crash..but we will see. I love this bag though!
  4. What are the dimensions of the make me smile regular?
  5. its in the other thread...let me check and see if I can find it
  6. Copied from the other thread:

    Regarding the MMS, we actually only ordered the midi version for now. But we do have the larger size on order for some stores in the following colours:

    · Chocolate crash, silver hardware
    · Purple crash, gold hardware
    · Petrol Crash, gold hardware
    · Pewter crash, silver hardware

    If you were to make a deposit within the next 5 days, I can produce it for you. If not, it probably won’t be available. Dimensions of the larger size are 12.5” by 15” by 5”.
  7. I saw that, but I am not interested in any of the above combinations, they have the gold hardware and the silver hardware literally backwards on every combo that I would want LOL! Especially the purple...no gold hardware for me.
  8. Yeah, I'm with you on the gold hardware. BTW, that is the cutting edge trend right now, cool colors with gold hardware and warm colors with silver. Personally, I love warm colors with silver. Brown and silver is sooo modern classic!

    crazy4 -- you definitely fit the "Wild Women of BE" profile with your purple love!:smile:
  9. I emailed Jackie on Wednesday night asking about color combos but haven't heard back.....just need to find out if it HAS to be these combos or if the hardware can be changed
  10. Hahaha yes, I have a purple fetish, I admit it. I keep going back and forth on the colors on these bags and finally just gave in and I know if I get one, its in the purple crash. Why resist fate?
  11. The purple crash is fabulous -- I ordered a Hug Me in that color!
  12. :woohoo::girlsigh::yahoo: I can't wait to see your modeling photos!

  13. I am the one who received the e-mail from Jackie regarding regular MMS. I still cannot decide. The five day deadline is almost over!!! I am leaning towards petrol crash with gold hardware, but chocolate & purple crash are also calling me. Oh my... !!!!!!!!!

    Can someone help me to decide on the color? Which one do you think it would look nice on the bag? I like choco and purple crash but I am not sure whether I handle the look....
  14. Do you wear a lot of Jeans? If so, I think the choco or purple would pop more. The petrol isn't a crash, by the way, though it does look like it has some gloss. It's also beautiful! Jackie made it hard didn't she?!
  15. I like the petrol option the best, but would prefer silver hardware