Has anyone placed a phone order?

  1. This is my 3rd PCE invitation and the last 2 times I've found stores that would do phone orders. I'm looking once again for a store that will do phone orders so if anyone knows of one, pass it on! If you don't want to post the info publicly then send me a PM! Thanks a bunch!

    PS. I have to do a phone order because I live 4 1/2 hours from the nearest Coach store! It's a bit frustrating to get a PCE invitation but not be able to call in an order! But I've managed so far! LOL! Anyway, I'm sure there are other gals in my shoes so it'd be nice to work together! :yes:
  2. Try King of Prussia, PA, 610-265-5814. They've been very accommodating to me with phone orders for the June & September PCEs.
  3. ^^ Thanks for the info! ;)
  4. I'm in your shoes and definitely interested in knowing what stores will accept phone orders for PCE. :yes:
  5. Coach in Palo Alto, CA takes phone orders for PCE: (650) 327-1772. Just mention that you've got the PCE invite.
  6. would love to know also...Please pm if possible...thanks...
  7. I have made phone orders during PCE at my regular store.. Good Luck!

    Spring, TX

  8. Thanks, gals, for the info! Not sure about anyone else's success but I've placed my order! I'll share pics when it arrives!
  9. I personally think it is really ****ty that we can't order online or by phone. I live far from the store and if I am a freaking preferred customer they should let me order from where ever the "blankity blank" I want :p
  10. I would love it too if PCE were online as well. I live close to a boutique but don't always want to go there.
  11. I just did my order over the phone with the store in Portland, ME. Not a problem at all they said. Very nice and helpful. I live about 2 hours away and I told them that and that i wish that i could come in and look around but i was very glad that they would let me order over the phone. I got free shipping and it should be here in about 5 days. I got the Bleecker Tatersall Travel Tote and the matching Beauty Case. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: And it wasnt my card, Its my friends and she said she wasnt going to use it so she gave it to me. They didnt question it on the phone at all so i dont think i really even needed the card. I will remember that for next time. Lets hope it doesnt get abused though and they stop letting us do it over the phone.

    I hate to do it but im gonna have to hide it from my husband. First time Ive ever done that but with Christmas comeing up i shouldnt be spending $400 on myself. and i already asked for other stuff from him.
  12. Congrats on your order, Aunu! I'm glad your store was so helpful! There are a few out there that are willing to work with those of us that live too far away to go in! And for some of us, it isn't just too far, it's also unsafe to travel that far in winter! Post pics when your tote arrives! It looks gorgeous!
  13. I think most stores would be fine with you doing a phone order and using the PCE. They don't offer it online but I think most would honor the discount over the phone.
  14. I read the fine print on the back of the card and it says no phone orders. But honestly, if they didnt do it over the phone they would have lost out on a sale. I dont go to where the store is very often and im sure it wouldnt be in stock by the time i get back down there. Not that i wouldnt have found something else to buy :biggrin:

  15. Yeah, most are kind enough to offer the discount by phone. I had several places that I could have called that other gals had told me about. Funny thing is that my closest store wouldn't do a phone order, they were being more strict about it this time around. I'm not upset with them but I do wish I could build a relationship with one SA and stick with that person! Oh well! I'm just glad to get to do an order this time around!