Has anyone picked up the Vintage Ergo Hobo at the Outlet?

  1. I'm wondering if anyone picked up the vintage ergo hobo 10010 at the outlet, and if so, how much they paid for it. I'd appreciate your help!:tup:
  2. ooh there was one at the san marcos outlet yesterday.. I had it on my arm but didnt get it. I think it was 379? with an extra 20 or 25% off.. But I may be off.. It was crazy in there so I just took one look at the price. I know it was 300 something :smile:
  3. Yes...I picked up one just this past Sunday.

    It was $329, slashed an additional 20% to $263.99, so I paid about $284 with tax.:yahoo:
    From regular price...it was a helluva bargain.:nuts:
  4. I saw 2 at my Florida outlet. They were $329 less 20%..that is some buy from $478.00. DH was going crazy for I paid 378 or something during the PCE..and wanted me to get it for 80.00 less, but it was a hassle. They were just out of the store box. It is a really big bag for me and a bit heavy, but I love the color and smell of the leather. This is silly, but I used to own horses and had a barn in Vermont and it reminds me of the old leather smell and I just hold it a lot LOL..
    You can find it, just hurry, It is a great bag..
  5. I know==that leather does remind me of old leather and horse barns, too! I just love it and it is a gorgeous bag...very good savings from the original price. I can't believe that bag made it to the outlet so fast...I think it's one of those bags you have to see in person to appreciate it...I also think the price point was a bit high!
  6. Wow! That's a gorgeous bag! I hope you enjoy it. It really is such a great all-around bag for any situation. Love it!
  7. Check out eBay for them as well. I was at the outlets in Cabazon, here outside LA. They had LOTS of this bag!!

    I went to the outlets originally because I saw it sold out on the website and I could never find it in stores. I had watched a couple on eBay, but they had them at close to retail...very close. I figured...if I'm going to pay retail, I want it FROM retail.

    So I called the outlets. I was geeked that they had it (they didn't tell me how many they had), so I had 'em hold it.

    Woooooooooooooooowww...when I got there, the place was packed. I did my around the store shopping, knowing that they were holding my bag behind the counter. That's when I saw the display. Folks were pickin' 'em up left and right. An attendant was right there, continually going to the back to replenish them. I picked up two, compared the colors...and kept the more richly colored one. I love love love love the hue of the leather on this bag.

    Then I saw the tote...the one that was orginally $548. Got that too!! I'm almost kinda mad that I wasn't there, prepared with cash, to buy more, 'cause I'da loaded up on stuff. And not stuff to sell either. Stuff for ME (and mom).:graucho:

    Anyway, I saw so many people in there, grabbing multiples of the same stuff. I just know they were there to buy, then sell.

    Came home, checked eBay: many many vintage ergos for sale. Lots of other stuff I saw at outlet too! I grabbed another from ebay since the price that one seller had it for was LESS THAN OUTLET SALE PRICE.:wlae::tup: I couldn't resist. This one, I'll see if my mum wants. If she doesn't, then of course it'll be up for sale. If ya don't have one by then, I'll let ya know.

    Bad thing about the outlet stop??

    I want, I'm craving to go back. I'm drooling at what I cold get.:drool: BUT! They didn't have the Andrea in Black and that's what I really want (I'm so set in my ways and styles that I like) to trade off with my cognac one. If I find that, I'm too through!! for the moment.:yes:
  8. Dillards is having a 30% sale off reduced prices they had the vintage hobo for $250. I didn't get it because I recently bought the red ergo hobo, but I did buy the Vintage leather ergo tote original $548 for only $288
  9. Sure wish we had Dillard's here...
  10. Tejasmama - get yourself to Dillards! I just got back with the vintage Ergo hobo - $250! They also had the large camel Ergo tote on sale. They are marked down 25% with an extra 30% off now.
  11. Definitely check ebay. I bought mine NWT for under $200 on ebay last week. Arrived today, gorgeous!! I :heart: it, even though I'm not an ergo fan. Someone's getting good deals somewhere, in order to be able to resell at those prices.
  12. man why is the closest dillards to nyc ohio or virginia!!!!! :sad: that sucks!
  13. I know there is Dillard's in Pennsylvania too!
  14. my mcys had the vintage ergo tote and hobo for 30% off, the outlet had it for 300 something with an extra 30% off today... i went to tanger outlets 1 or 2 in riverhead, ny
  15. Ooh..do you know how long the Dillard's sale is? Does it end this weekend? Thanks for the tip!