Has Anyone Ordered the New Convertible Bag Yet?

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  1. I love the look of the new Ergos, but I don't think I'd use one that much, but I really love the new Convertible bags - has anyone ordered one yet? I think I'm going to get it in the Burnt Orange.
  2. One of the SAs at my store did but I haven't seen it yet.
  3. I was contemplating either that or the pleated satchel. They have more of the convertibles at this point. I was literally minutes away from seeing one yesterday! The SA had just left the store for the day...bummer!!
  4. That bag looks very appealing but I really want to see it IRL first! I think it looks great in the burnt orange!
  5. This must be THE bag to get in burnt orange. Last time I was in the store they told me that one of the SA's recently ordered the convertible bag in burnt orange. Having just received the satchel in burnt orange, I must say that the color is just stunning. Classic, but at the same time a great pop of color. Not bright or obnoxious at all.
  6. The convertible is one I'll be passing on for sure.
  7. What does this bag look like? Where can I see a pic of it?
  8. This is the one bag from the new catalog I think I actually want. But not sure I want it enough to break my ban.
  9. not i, i am going to pass on this one - just not me
  10. I read through them and really want to see it modeled.....great idea for a handbag, which is why it is being copied so much.
  11. Thanks - I'd totally forgotten about that other thread - I wish the Coach store closest to me with the great SA would get more of the leather bags so I don't have to order blind - I'm in SF tomorrow for a conference so am going to check the Post St. store and see if they have it yet. If anyone has this, I'd love to see a modeling pic.
  12. I havent seen it IRL yet but based on the dimensions the SA gave me, it is really really slim which is why I passed on it. I hate hvaing all my stuff piled on top of itself. Not sure if this helps or not!
  13. it looks cute from the other post, but i could never spend that much on a bag
  14. IDK, I don't think that this is my style. Hope you find one so that you can see how it looks!