Has anyone ordered the Magenta Giant City?

  1. I just placed my order for the Magenta Giant City with silver.:yahoo: Has anyone else ordered one? Just curious.
  2. That sounds absolutely gorgeous!!! I think magenta is going to look amazing with the giant hardware!
  3. No, but I ordered the Magenta RH City! Here's a picture of the Magenta w/silver GH for your enjoyment:
    (I got the photo from this thread: My first Balenciaga NY visit~ )

  5. I got rh! I can't wait. Anyone have the updated countdown for when they arrive?
  6. August
  8. OMG that is such a gorgeous bag. I have not really been a big lover of the Giant Hardware but this silver looks superb on the Magenta. I love my tassels though, I think its a shame that this doesn't have them.