Has anyone ordered the Bridget yet? I want to see modeling pics

  1. I'm debating the Bridget in black, because I really want a fun small bag (but not too small), but I want to see it on real people before debating it. I debated the Hamptons Vintage Demi because on the model in the book, it looked huge, when I saw it in person it was tiny. Anyone have it yet and can share pics? :sweatdrop:
  2. Bridget in black???!!!

    Do you have a style number? I saw it in metallic leather in the catalog and was bummed that it didn't come in black. Are you serious? If so, I'll buy it and model it for you!! :nuts:
  3. it's in the red book at the store, I forgot the number on it.
  4. oh and it also comes in rose, walnut, black and there was another color IIRC (not the platinum metallic) that it's available in.
  5. Do you know if it can be ordered now with the PCE discount? If so, I will order it on Wednesday!!
  6. #11550. I didn't know it came in all those other colors! Now I really want one!
  7. OK what is a Bridget???
  8. When I saw Bridgit in the Spring Catalog thread I called Coach CS almost immediately to find out what colors were available and I was told it only came in the platinum metallic leather. I was totally bummed. In light of what allison has said, I suspect there are two different style numbers -- one for metallic leather and one for vintage leather.
  9. This is the lovely Bridgit:

  10. Ooh Mokoni thanks for posting that! I just searched through the Spring Catalog thread but I must be blind as I couldnt find the Bridget! Very nice bag.

    Added: the more I look at this the more I like it!! Is it supposed to be a smaller sized bag, though? Its hard to tell.
  11. I just called CS and the rep only found Bridgit 11550 in silver/platinum - no other colors. That's what they told me before when I called and it made me really sad. So, either CS doesn't show all of the colors yet or there is a different style number for the non-metallic leather bags. Either way, this bag is SO MINE when it becomes available in black.

    Come to momma...
  12. yes, there are two style numbers. one for vintage and one for metallic. The matallic bag is $100 more than the Vintage one ($398)
  13. ^Really?!? $100 less?

    It's like a Christmas miracle... :tender: Thanks, allison! I'm going to my boutique on Wednesday and I will let you know what I find out about ordering and PCE.
  14. That goodness. $495.00 for a small bag was too much for me and I think its soo cute.
  15. ^It seemed like too much to me, too, but I would have paid it anyway. :love: