Has Anyone Ordered from Luxury-Shops

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  1. They are based in switzerland. What was your experience and how much was the import fees/tax?
  2. Check over on the Hermès sub-forum. The L-S boys sell a LOT of H items. I know you could get an answer there, though use the search function before posting a new thread. I'm sure you'll find your answer. Seems they have their shipping set up to where you don't get hit with import taxes, but I honestly don't know. I've been drooling over their stuff for years, but thankfully, they don't take AMEX or I'd be in real trouble. :drool:
  3. I've purchased several scarves from their scarf site, Luxury-scarves.com.

    I've always been satisfied with the merchandise and speed of delivery. I've never had to return anything, so can't speak to how they handle returns, but they are quick to answer e-mails with any questions.
  4. Their e-mail response & delivery are very fast, the packet was delivered to me within 2 days.

    For tax... I have no idea coz my last order is less than the minimum taxable value of my country. But I think it would be in the stardard way on how Fedex would be us.
  5. From their FAQ list:

    You could just ask Pete for a ballpark. I'm sure he has an idea.