Has anyone ordered from jcmadison?

  1. Just wondering if they have authentic bags there. Thanks
  2. Yes - I have! 100% authentic bags. Never heard of anyone having a problem with authenticity. Use caution about their return policy - sale bags are store credit only upon return!
  3. I've bought from them countless times. And there is usally always a discount code you can use. Right now "apologies" work for 25% off.
  4. I got my first Kooba-- a Ginger-- from them. They're great. Grechenscloset.com has a 20% off code for them too.
  5. I ordered the black patent natasha from them yesterday. I was bummed because I saw the holiday coupon for $100 off from $400 orders or more...it said "expires 12/20 at midnight." I was bummed because it was 12/21 at about 10:00am. I called them and asked if it was possible to still get that discount and she said yes! So...I got her for $525.00 flat! Loves it!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. I visit jcmadison from time to time, oogling at the eye candy, although I've never made a purchase. Now that I know they are authentic, I might just have to splurge. :idea: