Has anyone ordered from here - authentic?

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  1. I bought a Fendi Hobo the summer before last and it was authentic. I 've also heard it's hit or miss with them, but I'm sure they'll let you return if necessary.
  2. Thanks! Good to know!:yes:

  3. Gosh, maybe it's just me-but those bags don't look real...:wtf:
  4. Under the company proflie it states:

    We guaranteed all of our products to be 100% authentic or your money back and back our guarantee for up to 30 days. We offer authentic merchandise only and are always up-to-date with today's trends and latest fashions. ALL items sold here at this site are BRAND NEW, never used and completely free of any defects. All products offered are chosen with the highest standards and quality.

    But, I have never heard of them before.
  5. this Forum is for Deals and Steals only . . .a place to post good finds at a bargain.
    Please only post in the Authenticate This! stickies providfed in every designer Forum or in Handbags and Purses if the designer you're inquiring about doesn't have it's own Forum.
Thread Status:
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