Has anyone ordered from efashionhouse?

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Nov 14, 2005
I am wondering how the merchandise and customer service is at efashionhouse. I am very confident in ordering from them being that they are under the BBB now..but still would like some feedback..thank you
I have ordered from them. They reply to emails really quickly, ship reasonably quickly too. The bag I bought had a bit of damage they didn't tell me about, but they may not have noticed. (It was on the shoulder strap and not very noticeable.)
I think I would buy from them again.
thank you for the reply :smile:...yea seems like the definately apply quickly. Out of curiousity, which bag did you get? Was the damage bad enough that you didnt want to use?
*MadisonOn5th* said:
according to my best friend who purchased a handbag from them, they sell fakes....

that may have been efashionstore - efashionhouse is legit. The owner is really nice and is very furious that the other website has copied the name.
Yea, this definately is NOT efashionSTORE. Like Dee-Dee said, The owner has written everwhere on her website that this company is NOT the same as efashionstore. Dee-Dee, you are right, Anna is really nice and very very customer friendly.
no, it was efashionHOUSE. (that was the topic of this thread, right? had it said efashionSTORE, then i would not have replied.) you can do whatever you want-i was just stating that my girlfriend ordered a bag from them and it was a fake.
*MadisonOn5th* said:
no, it was efashionHOUSE. (that was the topic of this thread, right? had it said efashionSTORE, then i would not have replied.) you can do whatever you want-i was just stating that my girlfriend ordered a bag from them and it was a fake.

Why are you so upset? There's been a bunch of people on this board who admittedly got the two confused, I simply thought that was the case with you. I know people who have gotten authentic bags from Anna. Maybe this was a case of someone returning a fake, you can never be too careful. Again, I seemed to have stuck a nerve, and I apologize.
i am not upset. i understood that you were clearly requesting for feedback for efashionhouse and i thought that my response would help you.

my girlfriend showed me the bag that she ordered from them and it was obviously a fake. what was even more disappointing and frustrating was that she was aware that they were part of the BBB and that's why she decided to proceed with the transaction. whatever the case may be, even if someone returned a fake, they (the seller) should check the merchandise thoroughly from the manufacturer, retailer, customer as a return, whatever to ensure the product is what it should be and not pass it off before sending it out as an authentic item.

i only want to help you. it's very easy to be misunderstood and for words to be misconstrued when everything's in writing. afterall, aren't we all put on this earth to just get along?:smile:
Thank you Madison for the feedback, it was just surprising to hear that. I know that on Anna's website is a link for "valuebags"..I assume you knew that and your friend knew that. Anyhow, just surprised..She seems really commited to her company. Anyhow, hope ya didn't get the wrong idea..not trying to sound angry :smile: I appreciate your comment..If you don't mind me asking, what kind of bag was it that your friend bought and how did she know it was a knock off?
Folks ... you might want to take a look at this link - http://ateliernaff.blogspot.com/2005/11/setting-expectations-buying-balenciaga.html. Mind you, this addresses buying Balenciaga bags on eBay, but a lot of the points are true for other 'online' resources. MANY of them, including known reputable places (like DecadesTwo) have been duped with the fakes. So, in some cases, they may not knowingly be selling you a fake. However, if they have a lot of stock 'available' (on hand), they you should seriously consider that they are NOT real!! Not even the retail stores have tons "on hand".

Many of the online retailers have quit posting pictures because too many scammers were copying them and using them on eBay and other auction sites to scam good people. Most of the online retailers will now ask you to contact them, at which point, they will then provide you with either a document or pictures of the bags they have on hand.

Just because someone is registered with the BBB, doesn't mean that they are always 100% okay. The same thing with Square Trade on eBay ... WHAT A JOKE!!! I had a seller scam me on a Chanel bag; she had posted a picture of (her) bag (which was real), and then sold me this piece of crap. When I went to get my money back, she had disappeared off the face of the earth. So, I contacted Square Trade thinking that I could get my money back - HA ... the joke was on me I guess. Come to find out, Square Trade can only refund you if the seller has left the funds in his/her account. The scammers aren't going to be stupid enough to do that; they immediately withdraw the money and then "close up shop".

Overall, what I'm trying to say here, is that the online world is definitely "caveat emptor" (buyer beware). Your best defense is to do as much research as possible ... use forums like this to find out who's legitimate, go to a retailer that sells the item you desire (and take a good look at it - take notes, etc.). Trust your instincts ... if it looks like it's too good to be true - then it probably is!!!
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