Has anyone ordered from bonanzle?

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  1. There are quite a few Botkier bags on bonanzle but i've never bought anything from them and I can't seem to find a lot of information. Is it safe? I see blogs that say it isn't like ebay for sellers but what about buyers? How are buyers protected? If you did buy from bonanzle did you use paypal or google checkout?
  2. buying from bonanzle is basically like ebay for buyers (not the same for sellers because unlike ebay, bonanzle sellers dont pay to list items). it's relatively new, and since tPF members have started to use it versus Bay I've seen more honest sellers than Bay BUT (1) Its a smaller community at the moment and (2) I have already seen fakes/replicas on bonanzle.

    If you are unsure about authenticity please get it checked on tPF, and it is up to the seller if you can pay via paypall or google, etc. just like on ebay.
  3. I just bought something from Bonanzle (but not Botkier). I bought a MBMJ tote. However...
    1) It's just a different color of a bag I already bought so I know what's authentic and what's not.
    2) I bought it from a very active tPF-er so I felt pretty confident about not being screwed over. She didn't announce that she was a tPF-er but she usd the same SN so I PMed her asking if she's that seller. Otherwise, I would have to say that I might not have bought, even though I've been looking for that color for ages.

    I did notice quite a few Botkier but the prices weren't so low that I was impressed and felt compelled to buy.
  4. I just purchased my first bag on Bonanzle. Not Botkier, Hayden harnett. I have not received it yet, just purchased yesterday but feel confident everything is fine. the seller was a TPF member and the bag is authentic. I think bonanzle is just as safe for buyers as ebay. I buy and sell on ebay all the time, but I am sick and tired of them. I hope more buyers will give bonanzle a chance. It could turn in to something really great. Just make sure to post here and have a bag autenicated if you are not sure. Always use paypal and pay with a credit card, if possible, just like you would on ebay.
  5. Bonanzle is a great alternative to e-bay. Most of the sellers have come over from e-bay. Each seller is responsible for their own items. Like on e-bay, you have to check a sellers feedback before buying. One great thing about bonanzle is that you have many different payment method alternatives where as e-bay requires you pay by paypal. This site is getting around 1000 new members a day and had over 170,000 new visitors in December with over 1 million items listed now. I am a seller over there and they are great to work with and I am confident it will be a better buying experience for the buyers than e-bay. I am not affiliated with the site but if you read the forums there, you will see both the sellers and buyers are happy to have this new alternative.
  6. Check out the ebay thread on tpf. There are lots of threads on bonanzle and most people seem to be happy with it. I've sold 2 items over there and because there are no fees, I'm able to list my items for much lower prices than on ebay.

    The one thing you have to be careful about is purchasing/selling protection. There's a thread on it in the ebay forum (I think it is called buyer protection on bonanzle or something). Make sure you know the ins and outs of protection - if you use PayPal, make sure you double check everything you would need in order to get your money back in case you get scammed (this goes for sellers as well).

    But - another thing you can do is do a search for "tpf" or "the purse forum" on bonanzle and it brings up all the sellers who list one of those terms in their item description... makes the authenticity issue a bit better, I think :smile:
  7. I have bought, Sold, and even traded once on bonanzle! Great Experiences!!
  8. I've both bought and sold on Bonanzle. If you use Paypal you still have protection
  9. I bought a Botkier uma in ash on Bonanzle in April. It is definitely an authentic Botkier. I was careful to check out feedback on the seller and she had enough photos posted to convince me it was authentic. I did use paypal for my purchase.
  10. There's a forum within Bonanzle for users. If you go there and do a search for TPF or Purse Forum you can find lots of member/ sellers posting there.
  11. If you to to the Bonanzle forums and type in TPF or Purse Forum, you'll find lots of member/ sellers. When it first started there were quite a few of us looking around for each other, that was what we used to identify ourselves. Also, know that fakes are reported here on the Bonanzle Fakes thread, so there's some sort of system for dealing with them. I'm not really up on all those details, but you might want to take a look at it. I believe they do eliminate fraudulent sellers, at least sometimes.

    (Sorry for the double here, first try I got a message that the post wasn't long enough to submit... I redid it and now there are two~)
  12. I have bought 2 Linea pelle bags on Bonanzle, both authentic.
    And 1 Foley and Corrina, authentic.
    A lot of sellers list the same item there as well as Ebay and it' is usally listed a little cheaper as the fee's for the seller are much smaller. HTH.
  13. ^ Agreed. I sell on Bonanzle, and have had nothing but great experiences. I have all my stuff listed on both sites, always cheaper on Bonanzle since the fees are much, much lower. Other than the low fees, what I love about the site is that it's much less impersonal than the Bay.
  14. I bought and sold once and I didn't have any problems.