Has anyone ordered from Blue Plate Fashion.com?

  1. Great minds think a like:lol: I had my eye on the same dress (I :heart: purple). The skirts are a steal too. Unfortuately they are on backorder. I asked them when they charge the credit card. They replied back pretty quick with the answer that they charge the card when they ship the dress. They seem to have been in a few magazines.

    I'm waiting for extra money before I buy but what a deal less then $80 for that dress and a skirt with shipping!:shocked:
  2. thanks sea4e. I like another dress, but it's final sale only:sad:. So I'm going to order the purple one.
  3. I have ordered something from them in the past, a top. But I never did again because the quality is really poor. The sewing looks like it's done in China or something because everything was so raw it looked like it was coming apart. But the prices are low, so I guess that's why.
  4. TammyD,

    Oh no!:sad: That's not good. I got the impression that maybe their were based out of India (just based on the style).

    Rubygirl let me know how the dress is when you get it. It's backordered like 3-6 weeks.
  5. I think their clothes are made in India, maybe that accounts for the quality. These days I buy better quality European stuff, or sew my own, so I'm like :yucky: when it comes to poorly tailored stuff. Sorry but that's just my view. It may not matter to most other people.
  6. what a beautiful dress.