Has anyone ordered Chloe from LVR?

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  1. I have been trying to sign in to Net-A-Porter and each time it asks me to fill out registration info, then says I am already registered. I am getting tired of wasting my time, and LVR has the same bag...has anyone in the States ordered from them? If so, can you tell me what the shipping time is and how much customs charges once the bag arrives? I assume these are authentic?
  2. I posted a thread about this a week and 1/2 ago. I ordered a Paddy Satchel from LVR and I am waiting to receive it. Loren and Greenie have ordered from them and they informed me that the customs charge from FEDEX is about $120, and LVR charges a 10% tax...:smile:
  3. LVR charges a tax if I am in the U.S.? That's odd. Is it included with the purchase price, or do I pay that later? When are you receiving your Paddy?
  4. LVR is authentic. While you don't pay VAT when you order from these companies, you end up paying an import tax, not to mention minor paperwork.

    I ordered from Browns and ended up having to fax my Social security card over to DHL and then they paid the duties for me, to which I got turned around and billed for. It turned out to be about 9% tax (pretty hefty is you ask me), but the bag was cheaper than the states, but with the 9% it was about even. About the same as the states without the sales tax.

    For future reference though, I am definitely going to think about adding 10% to whatever price I see online because of customs. I just didn't care for the whole thing with customs, it was a little bit of a hastle for me, but if you really want a bag badly, then it's a non-issue. I guess I didn't want it THAT badly. Still love the bag though.

    For LVR, I've heard of people having the customs built into the cost of the bag. I'm not sure if that is true though. For Browns, you ended up getting a bill at the end after the price of the bag and all that via DHL.
  5. Sorry, I don't know why I thought you were in England! :shame: LVR will only charge an extra $50 for shipping to U.S. customers. Also, there MAY be a 3% conversion charge from your CC co. I haven't received any email regarding the exact day it will ship. I have only received an order confirmation...:biggrin:
  6. So I might be better off to order from Net-A-Porter (if I can ever get my sign-on thing to work) or wait until it is in the U.S.? Does NAP cover the customs fees?
  7. I read some more on the LVR site, and it says that shipping for items over 1,000 EU is free, but I will still have to pay customs fees. If those are only 10%, that might not be too bad. Seems significantly less than buying it here or from NAP...about $1,300 + $130 versus about $1,900 from NAP. Hmm. It's pre-order (arriving in March, so any day I guess) but the conversion rates could change, too.
  8. Annabelle, you're so right about the extra conversion charge fee. I HATE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES!!!!! My CC company recently changed it so that they show the itemized conversion charge. So I was all like "What is this foreign finance charge?!" Apparently, a lot of CC companies just build it into the charge of the item so it's transparent to you. (It also enables them to charge you more!)
  9. I must have missed the short cut class...What is LVR?:shame:
  10. I was considering purchasing a paddy. But do you have to unlock the lock everytime you want to get into it? I know, Im clueless on this one.
  11. www.luisaviaroma.com
  12. Luisa via roma. and it is cheaper than buying anywhere else including NAP. The price of customs is $120. and you get billed that several weeks after you receive your bag. Your cc company may charge you a fee of 1,2 or as high as 3% Mine charged 1.5%. The price on LVR included the VAT which we get to deduct so the price with the vat in euros is about the price in US$ without the vat. My paddy total with all the fees including $60 shipping was $1275. Hope this helps
  13. Very helpful, thanks! Now I have to pick a color and be sure that is the bag I want! Sheesh! I don't want to have to send it back like I did the jeans moyen Paddy. :sad2:

    And no, you don't have to unlock the lock to get into the bag...as long as you don't put the loops over the lock first you can just lift it to open, but it is a bit awkward at first. I didn't think the bag was that heavy, but then I seem to be carrying a bowling ball in my Scout bag...can't figure out what it is that I have in there that weighs so much!
  14. Thanks for the information! For us living in Europe, LVR is a much better choice than NAP, considering postage & customs-fees. After a quick glance at their bags, they also seem to have more than NAP to choose from. Thanks again! This forum is great!!!
  15. i'm a big proponent of LVR based on everything i've read - the small hassle is FINE with me to save $200 and sales tax (about another $100 in Atlanta) after customs and shipping.