Has anyone ordered B-Bags from Japanese Sites?

  1. Has anyone here on the PF (outside of Asia) ordered from any of the authorized Japanese retailers, such as:

    Of course, it would help me out tremendously if I could read Japanese!! You gals are so lucky, these sites have some of my FAVORITE Designers (like Loree Rodkin) !!!
  2. never :crybaby:
    i couldn't read japanese...
  3. I ordered one time with Diabro site. The bag came all crunched up in the box:wtf: :nuts: :cursing: . Therefore it damaged the corners of the bag :cursing: . I was mad as hell.. and the leather was soooo dry like a piece of seaweed :nuts: . To make it short, I stuffed the bag with 2 small pillows and gave it a bottle of AG conditioner!
  4. Yikes ... that's NOT good!! I'm super-duper picky about the leather (one of the reasons why I'm so loathe to order something sight unseen). Thanks for the info!!