Has anyone ordered an Every Stitch?

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  1. I swear I look at that beautiful lemon drop Every Stitch every day :smile: But I haven't ordered it because I want to see what the Never Frou Frou looks like size-wise when it comes out. Does anyone have the Every Stitch? Would love to see some modeling pics.

  2. These bags are from two different seasons. Tano very very very rarely repeats a style. If you think you may want an Every Stitch you need to go ahead and get it RIGHT NOW! :yes: Be sure to order it from an e-retailer that has a good return/exchange policy so, should it not be total love, you can return or exchange it.

    By the time the NF-F comes out the odds of Every Stitch still being available are probably 20-1. And it never fails....it'll be 100-1 on the color you want.
  3. Not me... it's a super cute bag though! It didn't come in pink lemonade though so I ordered the fabulousness instead; it's just more E/W than the Every Stitch. You should get it :graucho: and I totally agree with Voodoo.. by the time the never frou frou comes out, ES will be long gone more than likely!
  4. Enablers!! :graucho: Thanks guys, I'll think about it some more. The pics I've seen on eBay show it as a bright bright yellow as opposed to the gold-ish picture on MHB. 6 more inches of snow since yesterday make me want something to brighten my day....


  5. Joan, did you ever get the Every Stitch on Ebay?? I love :heart: that color too, and wanted to know if it was as fab as the pix??!!
  6. Nope, I never did order an Every Stitch. BUT, check out the thread called "Lemons are REALLY sweet!!" Kittybag ordered one and she has pictures there. Beautiful bag, but a tad too big for me.