Has anyone ordered a CL from Saks.com?

  1. I heard such horror stories about Saks.com - so was wondering if anyone has ordered from them and what they thought.

    Also, I am a size 39, will a CL wedge fit perfectly or shall I get a size bigger? This will be my first CL sooo i very excited!!!! :yahoo: They are completely sold out in london :tdown:

    Thanks guyssss!!!!!!!! :heart:
  2. i love Saks i always order from them. I just got the cl miminette wedges from them i'm a size 40 but i got a 40.5 and they fit fine. Which wedges are u wanting?
  3. I have had no problem ordering CLs from Saks. I go up a half size
  4. the platform wedges. they dont have half sizes... should i just go a full size up?
  5. girl there are so mny wedges i don't know which ones please post a link
  6. the espadrilles??? i didn't size up in the espadrilles i got. I took a 40 in my cl espadrilles.
  7. personally i don't think it is necessary to size up in the espadrilles, but i do go up a 1/2 size when i order anything else, aren't the miminette wedges great, comfy too!
  8. the miminette wedges are awesome. U have em too?? which color??
  9. i've ordered from saks & i haven't had any problems. may be off the topic, but do you ladies know if the yoyo's come in regular kidskin leather as opposed to the patent leather? also, did you guys have to size up on the yoyo's?