Has anyone or does anyone plan on using Babyplus?

  1. I'll start using it this week since I will hit my 18 weeks mark. Since there is scientific evidence on the benefits, I think it doesn't hurt giving it a try. I have read all the reviews on Amazon and as pp mentioned, the only negative comments I recall was about hearing problems and restless babies. It seems like most parents are quite contend with it.
  2. Bumping this to see if anyone else has thoughts.

    A friend of dh's just sent us this and I'm wearing it now for the first time. It's interesting how many good reviews there are. This is my first baby so even if it works I won't really know since I have nothing to compare it to. The baby has started moving more! I think I'll move it around like some people mentioned just in case.
  3. bump2 :smile: i hv started using this and it seems pretty loud -.- kind if freaking out abit especially after reading reviews on Amazon.com saying this product can lead to hearing loss and ADHD. hmmmm. any thoughts?
  4. I asked my ob and she said it wasn't going to do any harm. I used it up until the last 2-3 weeks as mine broke. It had been used for one or two pregnancies before mine and given to us for free. I have no idea if it did anything but dd is fine. Everyone commented on how alert she was from day one.
  5. phewwww thats good to hear. thx kmroboto! ill be seeing my ob. ill ask him too!:biggrin: