Has anyone or does anyone plan on using Babyplus?

  1. I have been reading about the BabyPlus prenatal education system and it looks like something I would like to try. I forgot to ask my doctor is there are any reasons why this system would not be safe. I wanted to see if anyone else if planning on using it and are currently using it.
  2. I have a friend that used it and swears that it helped her baby girl be more calm and sleep well. She also has noticed that she picks up on things quickly and has hit all of her "baby benchmarks" on time. I am going to borrow it from her!!
  3. i've used it and my LO is now almost 5 mo...
    i dont really know if it "works" yet, mm...
    i think my LO does reaches his milestones sooner than what the books says.
    i'd say it doesnt hurt to use it.
    HTH~ =)
  4. I used it but wasn't totally consistent with it towards the last few weeks- my child was not a good sleeper, but she has been way ahead on all of her milestones- I figured it's $100- worth a shot. I sure wish it had made her sleep better!
  5. I used it when I was pregnant. I don't know if it works since DD is only 2 months.
    DD was a trooper at nursing. I nursed her right after birth and when I put her near my breast, her mouth was wide opened and latched on perfectly.
    DD slept through the night starting when she was 1 month old.
    For me, it was if it doesn't hurt, then why not.
  6. Thanks Cash&Carter for posting this!

    I was curious myself. More feedback will be helpful. I'm already at 26 weeks so I should make a decision soon to buy it or not.

  7. I don't believe in things like this, so ... no
  8. I play Baby Einstein cds to my belly every evening for about an hour...I figured, it's kind of the same concept.
  9. bumping... any other feedback?
  10. I m still early...
    But I intend to.
    No harm giving it a try.
  11. Does anyone else have any feedback on this??
  12. I am 34 weeks and have been using BabyPlus since 20 weeks, so I can't give any feedback as to whether or not it 'works', but I did do a ton of research on it prior to starting to use it. Of all of the reviews that I read about it (and I read them all on a ton of different sites - ie: hundreds!), there were only two that I can remember that were very negative from parents who believe that Baby Plus contributed to their child's hearing problems. The most voracious was from a woman who wore it in the same place and then discovered that her son had been positioned with his head right there for the majority of the pregnancy. She said that she had not had doctors confirm that there was a related cause, but she believed that there was.

    At any rate, I've always used it but have 'muffled' it a bit (it's quite loud as it), and now that I'm further along I'll wear it in different positions - very high, very low, or off to one side so that it's not in the same position and not blaring at my uterus the whole time. I know that baby can still 'hear' it as she still reacts to it. Whether or not it will have any effect I don't know. I did ask my OB and, while she said that it couldn't hurt anything.

  13. LOL things they come up with to lure first time moms! I'm old school and believe a baby's intelligence is in the genes.
  14. i've used this with my first child three years ago. when she was born, she was alert and was able to lift her head after moments coming out of the womb. she's always hit her milestones early, esp verbal and fine motor skills. now she loves to do puzzles, makes up wonderful imaginative stories and is completely bilingual. i'm not sure if it was the baby plus but i'm pregnant with my second daughter i'm using it. i figure it didnt hurt her the first time around, why not? Like another mom mentioned, I do move mine around as well, or muffle it a bit with a small towel. i can generally tell how the baby is situated, esp now, so i make sure it's not directly over her head. when it's on, she defintely responds to it.
  15. I will try it! :smile: It's a bit expensive though.

    I didn't think about changing the position of it and muffling it...I will do that as well!