Has anyone on the street suspect your Hermes is a fake?

  1. I was in Zara with my DH queuing up to pay my clothes. There was a couple (30+) behind us whispering. I heard that they were discussing if my Hermes Kelly is a fake or not. The guy said shd be real, but the lady said shd be fake. It seems that they did not know how to identify fake/real Hermes, or they have not seen a real one in life.

    I guess if I dressed up more nicely that day, or wear more bling bling, they would have no doubt that it's real, haha.

    I know there are lots of rich people in HK, and most of them own a Hermes, but they normally come out on street in non-working hours. As for me and most others, we only hang out at business lunch hour or after work hours, so people rarely see a Hermes kelly or Birkin on the street being carried around (I think). I work in a HK most prime business location (an i-bank in Central), but also rarely see a Hermes bag being carried.

    I actually was a bit annoyed being suspected that my bag is a fake!
  2. Haven't had such an encounter. Well, definitely not within earshot. If it does happen to me, I would just say, "Yes, it's a fake. You feel better now?"
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  3. who cares what the other say? most importantly it's to please yourself
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  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. Eh, they're just haters.

    I've been THOROUGHLY discussed within earshot. It's kind of the culture where I live, I guess. Everything from people suspecting my long hair is extentions (it's not), my chest being enhanced (no thats thanks to all the poor women in my fam with the same curse), I'm overdressed, I'm underdressed ... on and on. And people LOVE to hate on my shoes and bags!

    I take it as a compliment. You have to. I dress for myself and DH... other people's opinions be d*mned :graucho:
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  6. DL

    I know what you mean about H.K. Don't feel bad, I always take the bus with my birkin in jeans and t-shirt. Sometimes I go to N.T with it too. I bet most ppl will think I am carrying a fake too....ahhahahh:p

    sometimes I don't mind that they think it's a fake (especially when I am in a bad area) so no one will think I have money and rob me.
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  7. :pMy mum and myself always think those with large chest but with skinny figure have theirs enhanced too, hehe, maybe I am just one of them (because of jealousy!) Probably those who suspected my Kelly is a fake have the same thought (jealous of a fairly young lady wearing cheap shirt and jeans carrying a Hermes)
  8. I carried in MTR (tube/train) quite frequently and seems that 100 out of 100 doesn't know it's a Hermes. I guess there's only a small group of ppl know the style of Hermes bags in HK, HK ppl are more fond of LV. Oh, I am a bit out of topic....:p
  9. yup. 2 reasons...I am a boy and I am young. also, I like to pair my birkins with converse, skinny jeans and plain shirts a lot of times....people just CANT understand how you can use the birkin as a laid back bag;)
    But know what? I dont care....I know where mine came from:smile:)
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  10. It happens.
  11. Isn't it better that way? That you can wholeheartedly enjoy your bag with no cares? It's when people (family, friends, stangers) realise what you have, that you will receive more flak.

    The upper class ladies in HK all know what Hermes is.
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  12. that happens sometimes
  13. Any time I hear people discussing my bag within earshot, whether they're doing the stage whisper thing or not, I turn around with a huge smile and say something like, "I couldn't help but overhear you admiring my bag. Are you an Hermes lover too? Which bags do you have?" and then wait for the stunned, shamed silence.
    Occasionally the people (usually two ladies) actually DO know Hermes and we have a nice conversation.
    More often than not, though, they just STFU. Heheh.
  14. No.....never noticed anyway.
  15. Once I was carrying my Kelly 32cm rouge vif courchevel while shopping at BH Neiman Marcus. I was in the handbag dept looking for a gift and these two woman were standing behind me discussing my bag and authenticity etc. The male SA became very exasperated and said over my shoulder to the two women, "It's beautiful and and it's real!" LOL!
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