Has anyone on the East Coast...

  1. checked www.eluxury.com for price increase?
    i'm in CA and it's only 9PM here...
  2. I am on the east coast and the prices look the same to me
  3. Same here. I wrote down a price of Le Fab on purpose and it's still the same.
  4. hmmm yeah, i guess it won't be instantaneous :lol: silly me!
  5. When I called Louis Vuitton, the customer service rep. told me that she wouldn't even know the price until she logged in at the beginning of her shift tomorrow.
  6. I mean that now is today! It's after the pumpkin hour here.
  7. So are we ladies going to stay up all night just to wait for them to change the prices? :roflmfao:
  8. absolutely! lol. should we buy some things now to pass the time? haha:smile: im like going to be super bummed when i check eluxury and i see the increase :sad:
  9. it's 4:17AM in New York and the prices are still the same.
  10. Its almost 7am here (Phila) and I just checked and they look the same.
  11. 4am in CA and prices are the same
  12. Same here.
  13. 8:38 am. on East coast. Prices still the same!