Has anyone on here ever worn a wig before?


Jan 8, 2007
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Hi all. Naturally, I have very thick extremely curly very dark black frizzy hair and a lot of it. I've had my hair bleached, or have been getting it bleached the same shade of blond for the past three years. But every once and a while, I flat iron it or flat iron and curl it. I can't seem to leave the hot tools alone, and my ends get all split and disgusting. I'm also trying to grow my hair out. I'd be happy, or I guess now we should say have been happy, with my hair had it been longer. It's only two inches past my shoulder. But then, a few weeks ago, I went to the hairdresser and she was like these three inches of hair right here, are all dead and we need to cut them off. I didn't really have a say in the matter...but she cut them. I was trying to grow my hair since the beginning, and now it's three inches shorter than it was when I first embarked on this journey....great. So now my hair is super thick, curly, short, and hard to take care of or leave alone because we all know that when you straighten hair it extends the hairs length then when it curls up.

So, has anyone on here ever worn a wig before? I've been considering buying a real human hair, natural looking wig and wearing it everyday. I would be half happy with my natural hair if it were longer, but nobody has as much self hatred towards their hair as I do. I figure this way, I could wear the wig for a year, and not touch or do anything (not even getting my roots done) with my real natural hair and it will give it a chance to grow and be healthy. To grow healthy hair, and not have the new growth stunted by constant use of hot tools or whatever. Just a chance for my real hair to get healthy. Or do you think this is a bad idea? I'm going into this with the idea of trying to save my real hair. I know if I damage it more, in the end, they'll just chop more off of it but yet now that it's even shorter, it's harder not to touch it with heat. Has anyone had any luck with wigs? I mean the expensive human hair kind? Thanks. :smile:


Jun 1, 2010
I have never worn a wig but when I was trying to do the same thing as you when I ha blonde hair I would put it up and use clip on ponytails with a fancy headband so it would make the roots less noticeable. I used to get so many compliments from little girls to older ladies! It looked real and felt great! Maybe you could try something like that?


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Jul 2, 2007
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I have owned a couple of wigs. One was short and really cute but it always felt like I had to tug it down to make it stay on so I gave it away. The other one is long and very close to my own hair color. I wear it when I go to the coast as my hair frizzes in humid weather. I actually wear it more like a fall which sits more on the back of your head so the front of my hair shows. I pull back the sides of my own hair and blend it in so no one knows I am wearing a hair piece. I get lots of compliments when I wear it...everyone thinks I have had my own hair straightened...I have even taken it off for friends to prove it is not my hair, lol.


Nov 26, 2010
I have very thin, very damaged hair and have considered a wig myself. Right now I'm using clip in extensions and I always get compliments. I used to wear weaves or glue in extensions but decided to get a break from doing that because it was making my hair even more damaged. My main problem is from dying it blonde so frequently, but this is something I refuse to completely stop doing.
Wearing a wig for a year would definitely give your hair time to get healthy. Maybe go to a stylist who specializes in styling wigs for people with medical issues. The lady who used to do my extensions also specialized in providing hair pieces to people with alopecia and cancer. It's much easier can find these types of salons in bigger cites but mine was located in a small community. Someone like this could help you pick out a nice wig and show you how to wear it without people knowing it's not your own hair.


May 12, 2012

Have u thought about a brazilian keratin treatment? I have friends who have frizzy, dry, damaged hair. Also because of dying and other damage. I recommend trying that for your hair, they all swear by it. I also recommended this to my mom she has naturally curly hair damaged due to excessive dying and loved the keratin treatment!
It makes her hair look healthy and much straighter without having the use a straightening iron :biggrin:
Good luck no clue about the wigs but might work for u!


Jan 24, 2013
I have owned many wigs and occasionally wear them outside! I usually only wear them when I dress up in costume, but I have a few wigs that are made of synthetic fibers, not even human hair, that I wear casually. If you touch them, you can honestly tell that it's not real hair, but my friends didn't notice I was wearing a wig the few times I wore them out. They asked me if I got a hair cut, because it looked nice. The quality of wigs is drastically improving every year, so you no longer have to drop a lot of money for a nice wig.

The wig I wore out only cost me $20 online from Korea, but at the same time, I think it would only last about a month or two of every day wear.

A female coworker of mine wears wigs every day. I never knew until someone else told me.


Nov 2, 2012
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My friend has thick black curly hair and she shaved it all off because her hair was damaged from constantly bleaching it. She wore a wig for maybe 6 months? Not many people knew that her hair was really a wig unless she told them. Oh and this wasn't like a good quality wig either lol. Her other wig was a better quality one and people didn't know it was a wig either.