has anyone noticed the same?

  1. Ok, so I was showing my cousin my inferno bags and she asked me why my bambino has different color zipper pulls than all my other inferno bags. I rushed over and thought WTF? It turns out all 3 zipper pulls and zipper heads are the shiny silver But the rest of the hard whare IS brushed silver like they should be. I purchased it at Macys ( fashion valley back in Jan or Feb) and has the riri stamped on all zipper heads and IT IS authentic, but that is really bugging me!! It was not a return to the store and there it was back when there was a lot of inferno and paradiso at the stores. I had it in a bin with all my other bags and never used it so I never noticed.Is anyones Inferno bambinos like mine?
  2. I just checked my bambino and bv inferno, they both have the silver zipper pull and the hardware is silver. they both look the same 2 me. lolz
  3. Do you use your bambinos often? The brush silver comes off...I use my inferno ciao all the time, cus i normally wear dark clothes, and I've noticed that my hardware are turning into a shiny silver. Maybe the coat just came off?
  4. No I have not used any of my infernos. All my infernos, except my bambino, have the regular brushed silver. ( not shiny) The bambino has the shiny silver zipper pulls/heads (like the hardwhare of paradiso or spiaggia), but the studs with nana star are brushed silver!! Coul d it be a factory error?
  5. [checking my inferno]

    mine is brushed zipper pulls -- maybe just a mistake in the factory?
  6. hmmm I'm gonna have to check my infernos when I get home
  7. wow, i've never heard of this kind of error before :confused1:

    just checked my inferno bambino....all brushed silver hardware
  8. haha. maybe it'll be extra valuable, like factory flawed beanie babies!
  9. the zipper pull things are shiny... and the beads and loopy stuff that the strap goes on is brushed >_>;
  10. I just checked all 10 of my inferno pieces, and the part of the zipper that actually pulls the 2 halves of the zipper together or apart (which says riri on the bottom) is shiny silver on all of them (or at least shiner than the rest of the metal on the bags), and the round bit with the flower is brushed silver on all of them. Ditto with all 4 of my CR bags. Most of these bags are BNWT and have never been used. I think it's normal for the riri thingy to be shinier, but the round pulls should be brushed. :shrugs:
  11. Not on mine; both the zipper head ( the one stamped with riri) and the zipper pull ( the one with the little flower engraved) are shiny shiny just like on paradiso. hummm... wierd. I guess it is a factory error. I have never used my infernos either:confused1:
  12. curious, mine are brushed all over on my campeggio- I like the theory of the coating rubbing off with hand/body oil after daily usage.
  13. im jk... i rechecked my bag all of the hardwares are brushed shiny... not shiny shiny like my AS
  14. i checked my infernos too ... brushed silver ... not shiny shiny
  15. Okay I just noticed that the zipper heads on my Tutti Zucca are shiny silver but the pulls and everything else is brushed silver :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: Can you guys check your tutti bags?