Has anyone noticed how soft the new GST's are now?...and not in a good way!

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  1. Last time I was in the stores I wanted to see that new washed caviar GST so the SA just showed me the brand new ones they got in. Well it wasn't the washed version but my god were the bags insanely soft. But not in a good way. The bag itself already loses shape from normal wear and tear and that was when it was on the stiffer side. These new ones I am telling you are so soft they look like they can slump over at any given time. I thought maybe it was just the ones at the store I was at but nope. I went to another store to check out there new batch and same thing! Sucks! My mom has a GST and her's is so much stiffer and more structured. I dunno what's going on.:confused1:
  2. oh I'd hate that!
    I like my bags to keep there shape as long as possible.
    I'm a tote gal and what to get alot of usage out of my bags with them staying looking prisitine as long as possible. I don't think I could do that well if they are "soft"...
  3. Okay....Where were you that you saw NEW GST's today?
  4. It wasn't today. It was in the past 2 weeks when I go to the stores on weekends. But I saw em at both the NM in BH and San Diego as well as the Chanel Boutique in BH.
  5. aww this makes me sad! i'm hoping to buy a GST next but i definitley would pass if they lose their shape.
  6. is the new leather the same caviar leather that they change to on the classic flaps?
  7. I just got my GST for Xmas, but it's the "normal/structured" caviar leather. Dh got it from NM in Fashion Island (Newport Beach).

    When we had went to see them before Xmas...I had seen the beige GST on display, and now that I think about it; it seemed very soft. I thought it was just broken in/used for awhile (since it was the display). It didn't look bad though. When it was sitting on the counter it was kinda slumped. I tried it on and LOVED it. But I was looking for black.

    I guess eventually mine will soften up with use. Either way structured/"broken in"/soft.....I :heart: the GST!:girlsigh:
  8. I haven't seen the new soft caviar but know it wouldn't appeal to me. Thanks for sharing this info and I'll be sure to give my old style $1650GST a big hug! Why Chanel is dabbling in new leather textures and finishes I have no idea because they do not seem to be holding up to the price tags they bear.
  9. roey--so jealous you got a GST for 1650. i just got my black gst yesterday!! love it! it's shiny though, the caviar seems to glisten... normal?
  10. Since mine was last yr, the leather is stiffer and more structured, therefore i really haven't seen the new ones, so can't judge.

    But if it's true, then it's not worth any cent to buy it, that shows their quality control is not there. Very disappointing.
  11. Yup I know what you mean! The new GSTs look like they would start slouching the moment you take it home. I don't like it. I hope they return to being the older, more sturdier GSTs.
  12. Well, like any company, the ONLY way they will stop making bags w/this leather is if consumers do NOT buy the bags. No sales, no profits and maybe a "hello, you need to re-think this folks" will get through to them.

    Like many have said in numerous threads; as long as people continue to purchase Chanel bags despite issues that they appear to have, the company has NO incentive to change things.
  13. According to my SA at NM, the GST is made with the new softer caviar. She modeled it for me and I passed on it. here was a brand new bag and it looked old and beat up when it was under her arm. I guess customers complained about the bag having to stick out in back when they carried it.

    I'd rather they added a link or two to let the bag hang lower.
  14. ^so, it is made with a softer leather? No wonder that beige GST I tried on was so soft...

    Hmm.....my GST (I got from NM for Xmas) seems to be made with the "older" caviar leather. It's boxy/structured.

    ? - Will regular structured/boxy GST's eventually soften up with use/over time? Just wondering. :confused1:
  15. All this talk about bags softening up/losing their shape all depends upon 1) how often the bag is used, and 2) how well the owner cares for it. I've had my GST since October, 2006; it is not an everyday bag. It still looks brand new. I am careful not to let it bump up against things too much and don't toss it around. It's neither babied nor abused. I can't foresee it losing it's shape if I keep giving it the same treatment.

    If I gave this bag to my sister, the total opposite would occur. She'd have it broken in, slouchy, with wear and tear to the corners and bottom in less than a month.