Has Anyone Noticed a Significant Increase in Prices on Fall Lines?

  1. Just curious as to other designers, but Kooba prices seem to have gone up considerably for their Fall Line, as compared to past season prices. Anybody notice this?:shocked:
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if all the designers have a price boost. Designer handbags are more popular than ever and they are bound to take advantage of it.
  3. seems like that is the case across the board.
  4. ....and the reason I am asking is that I read an article about handbags being the driving force for all fashion, more so than at any other time, so I was wondering who might be capitalizing on this fact.
  5. I've seen Gussto, Kooba, Botkier, Cole Haan, Coach, and others all go up for fall... :tdown:
  6. YES! I don't like it.
  7. I just ordered a Jenny Yuen Sherlock (sample sale). The regular price for this bag was $440 in the spring, and the rep told me in the fall, the price will be $595. That's a 35% increase!
  8. Handbags are so popular because people are more likely to shell out the cash for a handbag than clothing... it's an item that can be used multiple times.. or even worn every day.
  9. Hmmmm, I may have to find a new obsession. Just how many styles and colors do oil barrels come in? Will they make me look fat? What is the best way to carry an oil barrel?
    Teeheee, I just couldn't resist making a remark about the rising cost of fashion and oil. :nuts:
  10. Hayden Harnett has some that have gone up ridiculously also. Sigh.
  11. All the big names have. Chanel especially! And I'm seeing even lower mass produced lines going up. So yeah, seems like everyone!
  12. I guess it is the law of supply and demand. Thinking about it, how many new members have joined this forum since last Spring? I guess that also gives some indication of the growing demand of designer handbags. And since demand is up, designer houses are trying to capitalise on it.
  13. Chanel has had major price increases up the ying yang lately. Another price increase is scheduled for September. Ah!
  14. I noticed at Dillards the other day that even the every day bags, like Fossil, Aigner, VanZeeland, Sakk, all those bags have gone way up in price. Like a Fossil bag that had a glued on bottom for $180.!!!
  15. I've noticed this too. I read somewhere once that designers capitalize on fall clothes and accessories because people will pay more for them then -- the textures (leather, wool) are more expensive to produce than the lighter summer stuff. I know that personally I am really drawn to the deeper, darker fall stuff when it first comes out.

    Unfortunately there won't be a price drop later in the season for the biggies (LV, Chanel), but I suspect we'll see bags from the midrange designers like HH, Kooba, and Botkier start to go on sale around November, and then even more so in January.