Has Anyone noticed a difference between GH and RH Part Time Straps? *Pics inside*

  1. I was taking pics of my bags today and I noticed that the Aquamarine GH Part Time has a wider shoulder strap than the Anthracite RH Part Time. Is this normal?

  2. from what I've "heard"... the straps and handles on the GH bags are meant to be bigger than the RH.... maybe someone else can chime in on this to clarify??? :confused1:... but I think it would make sense coz of the heavier hardware right???
  3. Yes, I was at Barneys and the GH bags definitely had wider shoulder straps than RH bags. That's one of the first differences I noticed.
  4. Yes, that's why they cost $400 more, don'tcha know? ;)
  5. Yeah.. call me stupid. I couldn't quite figure out what was "different" until I took some pics and put them on my shoulder... I love the wider strap... reminds me of my Edith Whisky satchel's messenger strap. :smile:
  6. :pright, the strap and the larger metal studs = 400.. I could almost have another money wallet to match the bag
  7. haha, I found another way to justify the extra $400 besides the giant studs. Thanks for pointing out!