Has anyone moved from a mulberry Alexa to a speedy b 25??


Feb 3, 2014
Hi All

So I wanted to know if anyone has sold any of their mulberry Alexa bags and brought the speedy b 25 instead?

I have a small collection of design handbags which started with mulberry and I've started to buy LV mainly SLG's and now own the neverfall mm De and the Eva clutch De and absolutely love both. Though over the summer I have used my LV all the time and my mulberry collection have stayed in dust bags. Now that winter is coming I need to change out of my neverfall due to rain :crybaby: This would be my mulberry Alexa which I have two a black and red. However I've fallen in love with the speedy B 25 in De but thinks is pointless to have 3 bags that are all very similar bags which will do the same job.

The red is called valentine Alexa and was limited edition, the black is a classic. However the Speedy b 25 would also be a classic. I'm also wondering if I should buy before the new version come out in case of an even higher price increase.

Also if you have changed from the Alexa to speedy are you pleased?

Sorry for the long post , please help.


Mar 5, 2008
Hi, I also own the Neverfull mm in de and Eva Clutch in de. I also own the Marylebone pm. I am hoping to add a speedy b25 de to my collection in a months time. It is a classic and will make a good size everyday bag that zips up. I used to have quite a few Mulberry bags a few years back including mini black and regular oak Alexa but I have now sold them. I do not miss them. I have added the small del rey in black which kind of replaces them. I do not think you will regret adding Speedy b25 or 30 de to your collection. She is beautiful. You could perhaps choose mono or azur if you think it will be too much ebene.