has anyone managed to remove a mini pochette acessoires chain??

  1. Hey everyone, I recently acquired a trunks and bags mini pochette. It is amazing!! I use it to throw cards and change into when I am in a rush leaving a shop or whenever and then I throw it into my bag. The thing is though the chain keeps on getting tangled with headphones and the like and is really awkward to have out. I wanted to know if anyone has managed to remove the chain completely, preferably without breaking it. I'd be really grateful for some assistance, thanks in advance.

    Oh, and I also posted this somewhere else but haven't got many responses so I'm hoping this is the right place for it. Thanks again.
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  2. Anyone...?:sleepy:
  3. I removed the chain off of my mini lin bucket with a pair of pliers. I got the idea from another pfer. I am sure you can do the same with a mini pochette.
  4. Hi im new here...but i was wondering if you would be willing to sale your chain if decide to remove it..because im not sure if LV sales them separately
  5. Do you have a "d-ring" inside your LV purse? Maybe you could clip the chain to the d-ring? Or perhaps, place your headphones inside a small bag (plastic sandwich bag?) so that they don't get tangled with the mini pochette chain.

    You could take jewelry pliers and bend the jump ring on the chain to remove it from the mini pochette, but then you would be taking away from the look of the mini pochette. I think it looks really cute with the chain attached.
  6. No selling/buying on TPF, even if it's a little thing like the mini pochette chain. ;)
  7. Don't use normal serated pliers, go with the jewellery pliers as peace43 mentioned. They have smooth, pointy tipped pliers available and these hardly leave any marks on the metal.

    With my petite bucket chain, I used one smooth-tipped pair and one regular flat serated pair to pull the ring apart sideways and guess which scratched up the metal pretty well? :rolleyes:
  8. Bummer!!!:sad:
  9. Thanks for all the help guys!, I didn't want to risk the chain getting all scratched up and stuff, so I took it to a goldsmith who very kindly did it for free.
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  10. Where are there goldsmiths that will do it for free?