Has anyone made their own speedy shaper with pockets?

  1. I've been eyeing this speedy shaper that a kind PFer brought to our attention:
    and have decided to try to make one myself. :sweatdrop: I don't need it so much for the shape but I really do need some pockets in my speedy as I find that I don't use the speedy as much because I hate throwing all my belongings (many of which are little items) into the seemingly bottomless main compartment. Has anyone successfully made one themselves? Any tips or advice? I'm not sure what kind of plastic to use for the inside, or what fabric would be good, and the measurements. Thanks much in advance! :flowers:
  2. link doesnt work
  3. Do you have a Pursket? They are great and have TONS of pockets! I was thinking if you bought one of those and took it to a place like JoAnn Fabrics, you could tell the women there what you had in mind. They should be able to help you with creating a base and teaching you how to attach it to the Pursket. They will also know what fabric will be best.

    Good Luck!