Has anyone made a special request from Let Trade?

  1. I vaguely remember a thread about making a special request from Let Trade if you are looking for a particular bag, which, of course, I can no longer find. If you have made a special request, were they able to obtain your bag for a good price? If you have any stories, I would love to hear them!

    My DH said that if I could find a black MC Speedy on ebay for a good price, he will buy it for me for my birthday :nuts:

    I think he would have a heart attack if he had to spend $1973 (which is what the bag normally costs, with tax) on a handbag. What's a fair price on eBay for a multicolor speedy in excellent shape? Fashionphile had one that went for close to $1300, which is good, but after taxes and shipping, its not far off from its original price.
  2. Let-Trade had a pink Robert Wilson Reade MM for sale online and I emailed them to see if they had any other Robert Wilson bags and they had an orange Reade MM. They combined them into one very good price and even made a special auction on Ebay for me. I know it's not REALLY a request, but it's kinda close, eh?
  3. Wow, that's cool! I love those bags! I'll email them and see what comes of it.:yes:
  4. I would recommend more let-trade than fashionphile anyway after seing the beautiful bags that Michelle purchased from them .

    I was pretty surprised to see how many negatives and neutrals feedbacks fashionphile received and then withdrew :throwup:

    I hate when a seller want to hide something.
  5. Not special request but I've emailed them and ask if they can find what I'm looking for. They're quick to response and excellent service. ;)
  6. I emailed them once to ask if they could find a specific noe for me and they never emailed me back :shrugs: :confused1:
  7. I thought fashionphile was great? VERY1 say nothing but great things about them. :shrugs:
  8. Hmmm, that's strange. They're pretty good at responding to emails, at least with items that they do carry. Have you purchased from them before?
  9. yes me too but I used the Toolhaus.org and you can see the negative and neutral feedbacks received by the seller even if they withdraw the feedback

    Here is the link to see the hidden face of fashionphile feedback :nuts: LOL:

    Negative/Neutral Feedback received by fashionphile

    I was about tobuy something but now heck NO :yucky:
  10. I emailed to see if he could find me a particular bag and he responded pretty quickly (but unfortunately said he couldn't get that bag).
  11. I don't know if this counts, but I emailed to ask if he had a Baggy GM in Denim and he did. I ended up buying from another seller because they didn't put it up right away.
    But I saw they did later and it was gorgeous :yes:
  12. i would not recommend fashionphile at all.. she is the biggest shill bidder ever and has been known not to describe items correctly.. she lets friends on ebay bid on her auctions, i've seen it happen and if they win, item gets relisted. also same for many new ebayers aka ids's created by her or her friends.. and she is also a reseller well no harm BUT .. check out ID *thisismybuyingid* and check out all the deals she gets and resells.. she once bought this sac de nuit in blue for $1600 and listed it for $3000 loool

    sorry for the off topic... anyways, about let-trade.. i haven't tried requesting anything yet but i will def. try one day.. i love let-trade, best seller ever.. fully describes items and sells for a fair price most of the time!
  13. Ugh I hate shilling. That is bad news about fashionphile. She always has great pics. I've always wondered how some of her auctions end for more than I would have expected.

  14. interesting, isnt this against ebay rules ? cant her id be shut down ?
  15. I did email LT a long time ago asking for a fuchsia wallet and a cb red cream retro, at that time he was fast to respond but couldnt find those things for me. Another request I made was concerning payment. I asked for a payment plan, and he graciously gave it to me.