has anyone made a purchase with a Visa Card at Vegas NM...

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  1. and return the item for refund at another NM which does not accept Visa? Can that other NM which doesn't acept Visa for purchase still refund credit back to your Visa card?
  2. I thought all of the NM stores did not take Visa. Online they do accept Visa.
  3. That is what I thought too....they only accept NM card or AMEX....but online, anything goes. I guess the Vegas store has a different policy...you might have to return your item at that store to get the credit back on your visa...or maybe you can get store credit.
  4. you'll probably have to take an in store credit since the store you're returning at does not accept Visa as a tender.

  5. Which Vegas store is this? Is it the one at the Bellagio? That would be nice to know if they're taking other credit cards.
  6. The Vegas NM and the Honolulu NM both take Visa as they are in high traffic tourist areas. Not sure about returning stuff originally bought there though.
  7. You should ask Jill, she shops at the Vegas one a lot.
  8. wow? NM doesn't take visa? I am amazed at that!
  9. me too! I wouldn't have thought such a established business would turn away business from Visa and Mastercard-only toting shoppers!
  10. That is suprising. I didn't know that the Vegas & Honolulu NMs take Visa.
    I thought they all only took NM or AMEX. They do take Visa online though.
    Good to keep in mind!
  11. i've returned online purchases using MC/visa at the stores and they were able to return back to my card. However, i think that is because when you return online stuff they actually call the online csr to return.
  12. ^^This is good to know. Thanks!
  13. I bought a pair of shoes using Visa at the NM Vegas, and I returned it at my local store in CA and they were able to credit my Visa cc acount. You have to go to the Customer Service area (and not a regular register) to do the return. HTH
  14. So, what if you use gift card from NM to make a purchase what is there return policy? anyone know?. Do they refund it back as in store credit or refund as cash? Because I have a gift card getting ready to make a purchase at the store.