Has anyone looked at this Coach archive lately and had probs?


Changes mind always!
Aug 25, 2007
I have been trying to look at some archived Coach websites from this page, which I got the link from here awhile back. If you click under the type of bag at the top -- just like the current website.....it takes you to the current website!
If you can click on the display that they have on the front, it will take you to that page of bags. But otherwise, I can't get it to work properly.
Any suggestions?


Rock n Roll 'Ho
Mar 25, 2008
I have spent a lot of time trying to look stuff up on that archive site with mixed results.

Most of the time when you click on 'view all handbags' it takes you to the current Coach webpage.:cursing:
When it doesnt...... it is FABULOUS!:yahoo:

You can see what all colors certain bags were made in so you can client track them in case they show up at the outlet someday.
(cause we all know how Coach likes to use those unusual color names!)

Lets just say that my 'wishlist' keeps getting longer and longer due to my archive browsing.

Evilbay is a good reference for style numbers and pics if you cant get the archive site to cooperate.......