Has anyone lived with 2 female cats which are related?

  1. And what are your experiences?

    About six months ago our mother and daughter cats had a huge falling out, we had to separate them for about a week. Then gradually they were fine again for ages.

    Until last night when they woke me up fighting again. Proper fighting, with howling etc :crybaby: I've shut them apart while I'm out today but I'm just wondering how long it's going to last this time.

    Apparently the shelter we got them from no longer re-home mother and daughter cats together as this is pretty common, but that doesn't really help us! We can't get rid of one or both, we've had them too long :sad:
  2. Wow, that's weird, I've never heard of mother-and-daughter kitties fighting. I have two female littermates who get along fine, i.e. they pretty much ignore eachother. They used to play together when they were babies though. I assume both mom and daughter are spayed?
  3. Yep they're both spayed, and most of the time they're absolutely fine.

    Baby can be quite annoying though, likes to "headbutt" Mum to get attention, so I wonder if Mum's just got a bit p*ssed off with her and had a quick go at her.

    Baby actually hissed at me this morning which she's never done before, she seemed very frightened, though I'm quite sure she will have been the instigator
  4. My friend has a mother and daughter cat..both quite old. They get along fine, I bet they fight and I've heard the mother snaps at the daughter a lot but nothing serious. I bet it depends on their personalities. Maybe you could ask a vet or those people that train pets for good behavior about how you could minimize fights or something. I can't think of anything. It seems like its only once in a while that there's a big one. I can't see how bad it is but I certainly wouldn't want to give them/one of them up for this reason. If you do give one away I'm sure the other will do fine, but I suppose that is worst case? Until then, the vet might suggest antidepressants if one or both of your cats are aggressive. Usually its the males that have problems and are given meds, and all they do are calm the animal down which prevents bad behavior.
  5. Interesting problem. Out of my 10 cats, 2 of them are females, mother and daughter. The daughter is from her 2nd litter, and is only 1 month old. I think it's too early to tell whether they will get along. I hope they will though.
  6. Interesting...I never knew it was common for mother & daughter cats to fight like that. I have 2 sisters & they get along great. One is deaf so her sister is always watching out for her & when it's treat time she goes & gets her....it's the cutest thing. I hope your cats get along again.
  7. ^^^ ohhh that is so sweet! :heart:
  8. we had a momma and daughter... they didn't get along too well. we thought it was because momma was a b****. interesting, can't wait to tell my mom. the hubby and i have 2 male cats (different litters) who used to cuddle and groom each other, now they act like moral enemies. i don't think i'll ever completly understand the phyche of cats...
  9. Well they both had the run of the house last night, and there was no actual fighting, but they're definitely not speaking at the moment!

    Mum had squeezed herself between the side of a chest of drawers and the wall, and Baby was hiding upstairs and cried pathetically when I called her.

    I've shut her in there, with one of those plug in things that's meant to calm them down. I can't risk them fighting when there's no-one home.
  10. We had 2 Himalayans that were females from the same litter and no real problems. One was a meanie and one was a sweetie but they rarely fought. I didn't know problems existed based on both being female and related.
  11. Cats and their interpersonal (or intercatable, hehe) relationships are so odd. I've known of female siblings and of mothers and sons who get along great. I think that I've known a few mom's and daughters who got along too, so I don't know if yours fighting is related to their family relationship or not...

    I have two beautiful maine coon sisters (rescued at shelter when they were six months old) and they started out being buddies who slept together and played together all the time. When they were around three years old, my mom and I went away for a week and left them in the care of my dad. (we were all living together so they knew my dad well). I think they were upset, though, that their primary "mommies" left them -- they hate to be left alone. The larger of the two -- Ariel -- started viciously attacking the smaller one -- Adelaide. She also tried to "steal" Adelaide's boyfriend (my other cat, Mr. Guy, who loves everyone and everycat, but has always been especially close to and protective of Adelaide). Ariel started following Guy around and grooming him, cuddling w/ him, etc. She also kept attacking her sister. Adelaide was so scared of her that she hid all day, cried, and wet the floor! My dad started separating them.

    When we got home, we tried to let everyone out together, but the girls just kept fighting. Now, Ariel lives in the family room by herself. She and her sister still hiss at each other through the door. Ariel freaks out if we try to bring her out of "her" territory.

    I wish they would all get along, but I've found no solution other than keeping them separated :shrugs:. If you find a strategy that works for feuding kitties, please pass it along:smile:
  12. ps...One of our veterinarians has a theory that cats reach full social maturity around three years of age. He sees a lot of cats whose relationships change at that stage in life. He says cats that age start trying to assert dominance over others and establish territories. It certainly seemed like Ariel was "claiming" power and possession over areas of the household and it's members.

    Are either of your kitties around three?
  13. My two babies are sisters from the same litter, and they are the best of friends.

    However, my parents have 2 sisters from the same litter, and they despise each other! Lots of jealousy between those two!
  14. Yes, Baby is just a little past 3, although in her mind we're not sure how old she is, she seems to be missing a few marbles ;)

    We put a pile of biscuits on the floor last night and they were nose to nose eating them, so fingers crossed they're getting over this little spat, though I'm sure another will happen. It's been about 6 months since the last one so in another 6 months I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!