Has anyone litter trained their dogs?

  1. While preparing for a new puppy, I've been reading up alot on training, etc... I came across some info about dog litter box training. Seems Purina has a new dog litter for small/toy breeds. We have always had a cat so I am used to the litter box. My grandma had a tiny toy poodle that always went on newspaper in the utility room so I guess this is the same concept. Has anyone tried this?
  2. Yes, my beagle is litter box trained. We live on the 7th floor of an apartment building, we never would have been able to house break him-so we litter box trained.

    It's very easy to do. We use How To Litter Box Train Your Dog the Purina litter box listed on this website (it comes in various sizes) and feline pine litter.

    Just train your puppy the same way you'd train him to go outside, but bring him to the box and let him do his business there.

    It works, and I think it's easier for the dog in the beginning because they can go whenever they want because they have free access to the box rather than waiting for you to read his signals and to take him out.

    LOL, my dog pees on command now because of this. I can tell him, "Go peepee in your box!" and he will. Guests get a kick out of it.

    If you have any specific questions, let me know!
  3. That's awesome Jillybean! Thanks for the info. It's funny, I had just printed out that link, How To Litter Box Train Your Dog, this morning! Good to know it works & I'm sure it's a lifesaver when you live in an apartment building. Thanks again:flowers:

  4. LOL that's funny!! I use pee pads, but maybe I should switch!
  5. Danica, the litter box is sooo much better the pee pads. We tried them first, and they were such a mess.

    I want to add that litter training doesn't get in the way of my dog doing his business outside either. If we're going for a walk, he will go outside just like a regular dog.

    LOL, I definitely love the litter box on rainy days like today!
  6. My pup still uses her pee pads and tray inside the house, otherwise she goes outside whenever she can.

  7. I'm gonna look into it!! I hate the pee pads also. Maya goes outside also, but yeah, she's so small and has to go often, so an alternative is essential.
  8. My yorkie is 7lbs and I use wee wee pads also..Thats all she knows..
    When we first got her I tried to take her outside but It was so hard to train her because I had 2 large dogs 80lbs each and it was driving me crazy ( 3 dogs ) so I did the wee wee pads and it made my life easier PLUS when I am out I don't need to RUSH home to take her out,,,which is nice...
    I put the pad in the my greatroom/Livingroom when I first got her ...but the problem is I moved the pad to my master bathroom BUT SHE STILL LIKES to go in the livingroom pad....and I don't want her to go there anymore...any suggestions???? She HAS been going there for 2 1/2 years...IS IT TOO LATE to train her to go in another room??? and DO YOU think I could LITTER box train her at this stage of the game???thanks
  9. I trained my puppy to go on the pads. And she is 8 months now and thats the only place she goes to the bathroom.
  10. When my oldest cat Pita was a kitten we bought that thing that goes on the toilet to toilet train your cat, and it worked. I didnt do it with my other 2, but Pita uses the toilet in my daughters bathroom...shes also drinks out of it. strange cat.