has anyone KEPT the spectator in green/parchment?

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  1. hi all!
    i think this is probably what i wanted to say in my earlier post, however inadequately that i did it! i really, really love this bag yet i have seen that many of you have returned it...has anyone kept it? if so, how do you treat it? do you baby it? and i did do a search on apple products and this bag but still don't get what i'm supposed to do to treat it...do i use the conditioner? before i use it? i don't want this to be another regret that i have about bags that i let get away,but, i really don't want to throw money away, either...
  2. I still have mine but I haven't used it yet. I will probably wait until a nice spring day to pull her out and fill her up. As for treating the leather, I haven't ever used any apple or conditioner on any of my bags so can't give advice on that. I would be a little leary to use something on a white bag. This one seems to have a nice glaze to it so it doesn't seem as fragile as other white bags. It' a gorgeous bag! I can't wait to use her but I'm still in winter mode right now.
  3. hey girluvscoach...thanks for the feedback! i sort of feel the same way that the leather has a great glaze to it and wouldn't be as fragile as "naked", untreated leather? it doesn't seem WHITE WHITE to me either, it seems like it's got an off white feel to it...
  4. I have the parchment/green shoulder bag---used it last summer and looking forward to another season with her. No special treatment and she's holding up just fine. And you're right: the parchment isn't a bright white. I really like the color combination.
  5. thanks scottiemom! i tend to be REALLY hard on my bags...but, coach makes a strong, durable leather and they stand behind their bags so i'll take a deep breath and probably take the plunge! THANKS!!
  6. i have her as well. Last I checked there was only like 40 left in the company, so if you want her, I'd buy her soon! Mine still has the tags on it. I really kicked myself for never getting the spectator sabrina, so I had to get this one. It's to icky out here for me to consider taking her out yet, but I'm excited for spring to get here so I can use her!!
  7. I also have it but have not used it yet. Whiile many bags I consider seasonless, this one feels like spring.