Has anyone just been suspended?

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  1. So last night I go in & check my emails to find out eBay has suspended my account for trademark violation. I have been a seller since 2000 with over 3500+ feedback & only 2-. I had a bunch of fashion jewelry listed & about 5 items were "channel set" earrings not Chanel earrings but eBay removed them for trademark misuse. What a bunch of idiots! You would think they would know the difference between a listing for some $15.00 CZ channel set earrings & the brand Chanel. Now they want me to fax some paper saying I will not list illegal items. WTF?? I have to say I'm guilty & I did nothing wrong.

    Has anyone had this happen to them lately & what was the outcome?

  2. Hi sweetestsin30, so sorry to hear of your troubles. I believe a few people have been suspended - hopefully they will respond. Can't believe that eBay have you jumping through hoops because they can't spell. I think one of the problems is that they have people who aren't experts, deciding whether a listing violates their policies.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  3. Thanks. I'm freaking out right now. I am a stay at home mom & all my income comes from ebay. I had over 200 auctions going & it looked like I was going to have a pretty good weekend. They even closed my store. I just spent over $150.00 on a whole new store front & layout. I can't believe they are just going around shutting down honest sellers that have been on ebay for years but let others sell their FAKE items over & over again.:cursing:

    I just got 2 emails from paypal saying buyers have opened disputes for auctions they just paid for 2 days ago saying the items have not been received. Well duh.... it has only been 2 days. You would think they would look at my feedback & send me a message before they open a dispute for $20! I am so tired of ebay & all their crap. I can't wait for another site to come along & knock them back into the real world!
  4. OMG, I'm so sorry. You must be going nuts! They have been crazy lately. You wouldn't be saying you're guilty if you wrote:

    Re: EBAY ID xxx - Trademark infringement accusation

    I have been selling successfully on eBAY for over six years. I appreciate any effort eBAY is making to identify and remove counterfeit items. It is my understanding that Ebay inappropriately suspended my account for an accusation of a trademark violation.

    I have never listed or sold illegal items on Ebay or elsewhere. In addition, I respect the Intellectual property rights of manufacturers' and would not now, or in the future. violate those rights by listing counterfeit items.

    I am asking for an immediate account review and reinstatement. The listings Ebay identified as violations were not mispelled, misrepresented and contained no references to any brand. The "channel set" earrings I had listed, generic in nature, were exactly "channel set," as defined in jewelry terms as "a gem being placed in a metal channel."

    Chanel® does not own the rights to "channel" or "channel setting."
  5. I'm confused, don't they shut down the particular item auction first?
    THen if you relist they suspend?
  6. Can't you just call them? There is a huge differece between "channel set" and "Chanel". One has nothing to do with the other (necessarily). I would give them a call and be VERY nice in an effort to work it out.
  7. yup. for shill bidding! they won't answer my emails and live help can't help me! i have NOT shill bidded!!!!!!!
  8. [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hello xx),

    This email is to notify you that your account has been suspended for a minimum of 7 days due to violation of our Shill Bidding Policy.

    Shill Bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item's price or apparent desirability. Shill Bidding is prohibited on eBay. Information on eBay's Shill Bidding Policy can be found at:

    Shill Bidding

    Your account has been found to be involved in Shill Bidding with the following associated accounts:


    You are prohibited from using eBay in any way (including use of other existing accounts or registering new accounts) during your suspension.

    Any auctions you currently have open have been cancelled. Please note that any fees incurred for these auctions will not be credited back to your account.

    Your account will remain suspended for a minimum of 7 days, after which time you may appeal the suspension by replying to this email.


    SafeHarbor Department
    eBay, Inc.

    go friggin figure.

    AND, they will NOT refund the money for the listings I had up that they pulled!
  9. Are you kidding! That's so sick. It's not your fault that Ebay's keyword detector needs Hooked on Phonics.

    So, basically, retarded ebay is in essence conveying (and sticking with the psychotic philosophy) that channel is misrepresenting or insinuating CHANEL.

    so..then i should think that such sites that sell plain 'ol jewelry, channel set diamonds, cz's and gemstones and are trying to trick everyone into thinking they are authentic Chanels!! OR, on the flipside -wait, wait...so you mean my ring with the cute pink gems all lined up together....is a CHANEL????? omg! I'm so lucky!

    ...gimme a break ebay

    I think you have a super case here. If they wouldn't cooperate with me on something like this, then i'd have one word for them: lawsuit. and the nightly news. ok, well that was 5, but still.

    ebay can't spell and the world has to pay for it, unreal.
  10. You have to appreciate that now that there is no "customer support" staff left at eBay all these decisions (and their responses to your responses thereto) are being generated by a computer using very unsophisticated data matching algorithms.

    And, once you understand that there are no longer and humans at eBay (except for performance-bonus-receiving executive management) it is quite easy to understand why this corporation now appears to be going down the toilet.

    The same simple data matching processes may well result in a seller being accused of shill bidding; however, with the introduction of "hidden bidders", the sophisticated shill bidder now stands very little chance of being caught.

    Shill Bidding on eBay: A Case Study

    For anyone that is interested, a detailed case study of very unsophisticated shill bidding on eBay, and a comment on eBay’s apparent attitude thereto, at http://www.auctionbytes.com/forum/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=24033
  11. Why are you resurrecting a post that is over 2 years old?
  12. Gosh got all wrapped up in this discussion. Didn't look at the date, Thanks noshoepolish.
  13. "Why are you resurrecting a post that is over 2 years old?"

    Because I had what I thought was a meaningful comment to make thereon; is that some sort of crime?
  14. Not some crime it's just that this post is 2 years old and therefore no longer really applies. There are quite a few discussions like this that are less than a month old. I don't think that member is even active any longer.
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