Has Anyone INADVERTENTLY carried a fake bag?

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  1. I just wondered what other people do in those situations. My husband bought me a fake bag by mistake. The bag was great and I loved it. But I was horrified to learn that it wasn't authentic. Luckily, husband has had his money refunded. I bought a Dolce and Gabbana bag. But some people can feel obliged to use a fake if they received it as a gift. Or the fake might hold up very well, etc. I suppose it depends on their circumstances. What would YOU do?
  2. I once got this black leather bag on ebay which I had never seen before. A couple months later, I learned that it was a knockoff of a Donna Karan bag! I had absolutely no idea!
  3. I would try to get my money back. It's hard if it's a gift. I wouldn't carry a fake if I new it was fake but I wouldn't let someone know if it was a gift. Now a husband is different and he would need to know so it doesn't happen again.
  4. My husband also fell for a fake Chanel purse on eBay. I couldn't bear to tell him while we were opening gifts on Christmas Day, but as soon as my son had gone back to college I told him. He was outraged. He rarely buys from eBay, but I had the brainwave of giving him a list of possibles I had seen on eBay. Husband knows nothing about women's purses! The irony was, the Chanel was only there to make up the numbers. It was my last preference on the list. Naturally he reported the seller to eBay asap, and demanded a refund.
  5. i wasn't into designer bags a year ago when i bought a bag that not until early this year i realized that it looked pretty similar to MJ hudson striping line.. since then, the bag has been in it's dustbag.. and now i want the real deal!
  6. YES, I had a bag that was not a fake, per se, but a replica and I had no idea it was a replica! It was several years ago and my sister bought me a bag for my birthday that was a perfect sage green colored distressed leather bag, that was made by a company called "Lush". It was leather (not pleather) and it said "made in China". I loved the bag and carried it until it literally fell apart, which was actually not very long! Then one day I was in Neiman's and I saw my first Balenciaga bag. I was like "Wow! This is like that LUSH bag I used to have once upon a time! Maybe I should get a new one!", then I looked at the price tag! WOW; sticker-shock! That was my introduction to Balenciaga! I carried a replica of a bag that I did not even know about! Duh!
  7. Hey Cooper, hi! I know the company. I bought a bag from them some time ago, it's shoplush.com. Mine was a pretty bag but had gold hardware ( just couldn't get my head around that ). I got tons of compliments on it too. It was well made, but just not me (once again, the gold hardware).
  8. I was 16 or 17 and was given a fake Louis Vuitton bag by one of my aunts. I had no idea what Louis Vuitton was back then (wasn't so into fashion then) but i know that i have seen bags in print like that around. I carried it about twice and then one day one of my classmates asked me if my bag was real, and i was like "what do you mean real?" and it was only then i started to know about designer bags and the fact that they are being counterfeited.

    I know i sound a bit dumb but i never got into fashion until i was 18.
  9. I found a Coach bag in a consignment store for a great price. I knew that counterfeit bags were available, but didn't know much about them. This bag had a "Coach" tag on it, and I figured it was real. I carried it for a couple days, and then learned that it was a fake after reading up on the brand more. I brought it back to the store, got a refund, and reported the store to Coach for selling a fake bag.
  10. I was given a LV by my FIL it was my MIL and he gave it to me after she died. I didn't question if it was real or not. Then one day I was carrying it and the handle came off! And I could hear the piece inside the bag so I took the lining apart to fix it and noticed that there was cardboard in the lining! This was a good fake because the lining was suede.
  11. I purchased my first Marc Jacobs bag off of Ebay. I only had carried Coach prior to that, so I didn't know that there were fake bags besides the logo bags that are everywhere like like LV and Gucci. Somehow I found TPF and the kind ladies in the MJ forum told me it was fake.:wtf: I was mortified because I had carried it to some very important functions where the people would have known a fake bag.:shame: Ughh... I still think about it.
  12. I bought a Gucci on ebay that turned out to be fake, but I didn't realize it until much later. It wasn't a lot of money, so I never contacted the seller. The week that I found out, a friend was visiting me. She asked if she could have it, so I gave it to her. If that had happened now, I would probably throw it away.
  13. I bought what I thought was an LV from a second hand shop... it turned out to be fake. Luckily, they accepted the return and gave me store credit. What is not cool is that they put it right back out on the shelf!!
  14. My mom has been buying a ton of knockoffs from a friend of hers, convinced they are real and stolen. I actually found this forum when I was trying to look up things to show her as proof that they really are fakes. But she doesn't want to hear it, just insists she knows they are real. So she gave me and each of my sisters a bag in different brands -- I got a little "Prada" bag, and my sisters got Coach and Chanel respectively. She's so into the idea that she could give us these "valuable" gifts. You'd think the "Made in China" hanging tag on the Prada was a pretty big sign....

    I generally carry around one very inexpensive simple black bag. I think I would feel weird carrying around a fake bag, like I am trying to pass it off as real. It's cute, a little small for my day to day as I'm a packrat, but nice for going out without the kitchen sink. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I think that will be staying in the drawer unless we are going out with her and my dad.

    However, I think I got bit by the purse bug too after looking at all those pictures of the beautiful real things. Gah! I didn't know I had it in me. :smile:
  15. It seems odd to be that real and stolen would seem ... okay.

    My MIL went through a fake Rolex stage - it drove me insane.