Has anyone in USA ordered from Luisaviaroma?

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  1. I had a Choco Paddy that I purchased from Nordies, but sadly I had to return it because it had a rivet missing on one of the zipper pull tabs. I checked with NM & NAP, but they are not going to get any more Paddys in Chocolate. I found the Choco color at LVR but I have never ordered from there before. I can't think of any other place to buy a new, authentic Chloe Paddy, and I'm afraid it will be even harder to find if I wait. I really want the bag in Chocolate. Has anyone else in the U.S. ordered from there? Was it hassle free? Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. I also have the same question.
  3. i believe that loren and greenie have (i'm not as sure about greenie, though) and have been quite happy with the service and product. loren created a thread about it, i believe, you might want to use the 'search' feature on the top menu to find it for more info.
  4. Amanda is right. I recall someone ordering from LVR and saying that they were very impressed with their service...the only issue was that you had to wire payment, as I recall.
  5. I've ordered from them twice. Got a Mulberry bag and wallet and a Jimmy Choo. Love them.

    The only thing you have to wire payment for is balenciaga. Everything else is credit card.

    The first time you order you have to fill out duty forms when fedex first get's your package. They call you, fax you a form, you fax it back, they deliver your bag, and two weeks later they send you a bill for your duty (around 10%).

    The good thing is, the second time, fedex just bills you!
  6. I bought my chocolate paddy from them and couldn't be happier. It is gorgeous and it came beautifully wrapped. The price in euros is about the price in dollars. the currency conversion and deducting the vat work out about evenly. So the purse came to me after fedex called and left me a message. I called them back and left them my fax number. they faxed me something to sign. I faxed it back and within a couple hours my package was delivered. Two weeks later, fed ex sent me the duty bill which was $120. So my total cost was about $1275. I will always try to buy from them first and I can't wait to take a trip to Italy to visit their store. good luck.
  7. Thanks everyone!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. yup. LVR is definitely real. You don't have to pay VAT, but for purchases under $1000, fedex will send you a bill for "Custom/Duty" for an additional amount of ~$120 several weeks later. I am not sure if they pay the duties if item is over $1000. You might want to call them or email them and about the customs/duty policies.
  9. Thanks a lot everyone! 10% is a lot. I just try to find Chloe items in US and no hassle.
  10. I purchased the bag last night. It came out to $1118.56 including the $50 shipping. I'll expect FedEx to bill me the $120 duty fee. That is pretty good! I saved a few hundred $$:biggrin: Hopefully there won't be any other "surprise" charges. It ships in March. I can't wait to receive it. Thanks for the info!
  11. The only other surprise you might have is your credit card co. may charge a currency conversion fee (mine did--3%). That sucks. But when you take that in to account, you probably still saved over the us cost, plus tax, plus shipping.
  12. You might want to give the Nordstroms at UTC (La Jolla, CA) a call--I'm pretty sure I saw a chocolate paddy there... Their number is 858.457.4575. I believe I saw it also at the Fashion Valley store recently (San Diego, CA). Their number is 619.295.4441. If you call Fashion Valley ask for Marcie or Joseph--they're both really nice. You might be able to get them to waive the shipping cost since the store near you does not have the item....
  13. Greenie: Thanks for the heads-up on the conversion charge. Still a good deal...

    Wicked: Thanks for the info.:biggrin: I already ordered from LVR 2 nights ago. And I didn't mention earlier that I did exchange the bag for another one that was shipped from another store, but that one had something wrong w/the hardware (long story) That just made me want a bag that wasn't possibly a "return," :suspiciou and since LVR won't even receive them until March, I am assured that it will be a brand-new one so I am willing to wait.:biggrin:
  14. I have ordered from them and I had a really good experience. The shipment was so fast considering it went through customs. It's my new favorite site to order from.
  15. Does anyone know when they actually run the charge through...is it at the time of purchase or when the item ships? Just curious for the sake of knowing the currency exchange rate.