Has anyone in UK purchased from NAP USA?

  1. The reason I ask is because I've found a black betty that works out about £200 cheaper from the USA website than the UK website. Has anyone bought from the USA site? Have you been charged customs and if so how much? Do you think this is worth doing? Thanks..
  2. They will work out the customs for you when you place the order, but i doubt it will work out much less expensive once shipping and custom charges are added unfortunately :sad:
  3. Hi Chloe Babe!
    That's kind of what I thought but the total price with shipping etc is $938.42. I've gone as far as I can throught the NAP site without actually giving my credit card details and that's what it comes up as. Would I be charged customs on the bag coming into the UK? Do you have any experience of this? Thanks again!
  4. The price worked out for you at the shipping page (ie, with your uk shipping address), is the price you would pay. NAP are really good at giving no surprises after its shipped and all customs are calculated and taken care of at point of paying, so if its coming up as 938 dollars, then the shipping customs etc has been accounted for (remember we are at a really good pound to dollar rate at the moment too ;)). Is it still a betty you are looking at on the US NAP site? if so, it sounds like a good deal :biggrin:

    also, you can always email nap usa if you need any assistance, the customer services is fantastic, keep us informed!!