Has anyone in the US bought from LVR?

  1. I want a few things at LVR but i don't know the implications being in the US.

    Anyone care to share their experiences??

    Thank you!!!

    :flowers: :heart:
  2. None other than you'd have to pay customs charges billed at your end by the courier.

    I'm afraid I don't know what the rates are as I live in the UK.
  3. I am going to have to get DH to write up his experience!

    He pre-ordered the rouge paddy for me from LVR to ship here in CA.
    He says, "I placed the ordered, they sent email confirmation, and
    then they charged my credit card." He still has not received the bag
    yet though. He looking up the details now :yes:

    Now-- I did some research and what I thought would happen is that
    they would hold the order until the rouge was in hand, then charge
    his card 1050 EuR - credit the VAT tax- and FedEx would charge the
    customs/duties fees at around 10%.


    Hey D&G-- why do you ask?? :P Thinking of a purchase?? :nuts:

  4. I'm just thinking... not purchasing anything yet... LOL :whistle:

    But H~ PM me what happens when you get the rouge.. how much was actually charged, etc.

    I heard that chloe is cheaper in the UK but w/ shipping and everything, just wondering if it evens out or what?
  5. hmwe46, please let me know also .......... I'm looking at the blue nuit pocket paddy with the black hardware and I don't think I'm going to find it in the US. I've never ordered from LVR either. TIA!
  6. Will do!

    It looks like he was charged the amount of the bag- less the VAT $.

    I am guessing he will be charged US customs/duties from the shipping
    company once the bag arrives.

    Keep ya' posted!!
  7. I ordered the Aicer and Navy from LVR in July but they are supposed to be in stock only by end Sept. I got charged the total amount without taxes 20 days after placing my order. I am supposed to pay taxes and duties once it ships to me.

    Btw, blue nuit is not a current season colour. It is no longer in production and LVR would not have it. What they have is navy.
  8. Blue nuit pocket /w black hardware is this season. If I remember correctly I was charged about 120 in duties. Right around there anyways, its about 10% of the bag price (minus vat)
  9. Any ideas how they handle pre-orders?

    So they charged us for the bags before they ship: what if their pre-orders
    outstrip the number of bags that they get from Chloe??? :confused1:

  10. Yes, thank you nawth21! Did you order this one too ,or have you seen it?
  11. No, I ordered last spring. But I'm sure its a very pretty bag!

    If theyre preorders, they charge you after like 20 or so days. It says the exact # of days on their website. I'm not sure how they handle the number of orders vs # of bags they get in
  12. I am waiting for a chocolate paddy from LVR. I ordered it late July. They haven't charged my card or sent any confirmation email. My order went through fine. I am just waiting....
  13. ^^^^ Dang, that's a long time!
  14. Uh-oh!! That IS a long time!!!
  15. This is the ghost of hmwe46:

    (cause the real hmwe46 would never spy on her own Christmas present)

    DH reported a package received at the TX FedEx office with his name on
    it from ITALY!! He also received notice from FedEx that he needed to
    complete a customs form and they will bill him accordingly.

    My lips are sealed!!!!

    (but my feet are dancing) :happydance: