Has anyone in Maui got Mirage yet???

  1. So, I'm waitlisted for the Mirage Noir in my Hawaii hangout and have still not received the call yet...??? And I see that SCP and other places in the mainland have received it already...? I'm starting to worry now!!!!!
  2. caley got hers but she flew to oahu to get it.
  3. OMG-I'm freaking out....I didn't waitlist anywhere else. Hawaii usually gets the stuff early...I wonder whats going on?
  4. none of the stores...there's one in kihei and lahaina right? no others?
  5. Maui has 2 stores-Wailea and Whaler's Village. I was just there (I came home Thursday nite) Wailea hadn't received any and the SA in Whaler's Village had no idea what I was talking about. I was hoping to get lucky and actually pick it up when I was there.
  6. typically the maui stores get their things in later than the oahu stores. that's why i WL at ala moana (aside from having much better service) since it is a flagship boutique.
  7. The SA still has no clue what you were talking about?! :wtf: Past release and still don't know?! Jeeze what is up with some SA these days...
  8. I hope you get the call soon! I will cross my fingers for you!
  9. Maybe you should just call some stores outside of Hawaii and get one shipped to you. Why wait?;)
  10. I'm pretty sure that if you call the mainland they would do a charge/send for you. Good luck!