Has anyone in Germany ordered from Diabro?

  1. Hi there!
    I´m wondering if there are any Germans here who have bought from diabro and could tell me a little about their experiences.

  2. hi pelli,
    i too am in germany (welcome, looks like you're new-ish to the board, there aren't many of us in the bbag forum!) and am planning on buying my next bbag from diabro. i'll be happy to share my experience once i do.
    it seems that others have been nothing but pleased with diabro, though...and that they even ask you how much you want to state for the customs value. i don't know about you, but that counts for a lot to me!
  3. I'm from Switzerland and have been e-mailing with diabro to find out about the leather on the cities. They sent me pics and were friendly.
  4. Hi pelli,
    I'm from Italy but I guess in Germany you have strict import laws as we have in Italy. I had a great experience with Diabro, they lowered the declared value of a Balenciaga bag to 200US$ and declared it as a gift, I paid less than 50 Euro of duties on it (we have to pay import duties on anything more expensive than 45 Euro, and a leather bag could not be declared of such a small value) and it arrived via EMS courier in 6 days, considering also a two-day stop in the customs. I am extremely satisfied by my experience with Diabro!