Has anyone in Europe bought from BAL NY

  1. Hi girls!
    My current obsession is Ink. ( but i have promised : no more B.bags until Xmas........:cursing: :cursing: )

    I know that Bal Ny has still some bags in Ink and i would like to know if there is a tax refund ( VAT) for people that buy from Europe. ( i have asked this via email but they did not answer me)
    If an American for example buys in Italy he has a 20% discount ( italian taxes)
    If i have this discount i will feel better :shrugs: ( and therei is the good exchange rate for me if i buy in $:wlae: :wlae: )
  2. I think you don't have to pay N.Y sales taxes but than when you bring the bag into Italy you'll have to pay about 22% duties on the total amount including shipping. buying over in the U.S is very expensive because Balbags are anyway about 15% more expensive + duties I would estimate that you pay 30% more for your bag even if the sales tax are reduced ( they're ca. 6-7% in N.Y) It would probably be cheaper if you buy one on ebay and ask the seller to decrease the value of the parcel.
  3. you only get let off the sales tax (which is never anything like 20%) and like tanja said then you'll have to pay import duty. so not the best of deals!