Has anyone here worked for Tiffany's or know someone that has?

  1. I've been looking around for a part time job to tide me over the Holiday Season, and I was wondering if anyone here has worked for Tiffanys and wouldn't mind sharing some information. Before I decide if I should take the time to apply does anyone know anything about how well they treat their employees or maybe how much they would pay someone for seasonal work? (If its less than a certain amount I dont think I will bother). Thanks in advance! :p
  2. OOOhhh, after working in the trade for 10 or so years,I would say wherever you go to help ouy with the festive season will be a bit of a steep learning curve!! If you thrive on being 'chucked in the deep end' you'll probably love it. i have had times where I have trained temps for this season and it used to annoy me intensely that I could'nt take them a couple of weeks earlier to give them a little more time and peace to train them up to a level they felt more comfortable with,cos you can bet your life everyone will be flat out busy and the poor soul will get a customer who wants to know the ins and outs of a diamond,plus a rats backside while they're at it!The poor newbie ends up running about with no-one to really help themas everyones serving,the customer keeps mithering them with more questions and not listening to the newbie saying'I'll have to get someone to help me' very stressful!And as there are always targets to be met in stores,usually expected of the full term staff,the new ones nearly always feel the pressure to contribute and end up very overwrought by the whole thing. The amount of times I have seen young,keen people demoralised by this is just more than a shame.HOWEVER!!!!!!!! If your a good coper,and are good at chatting to the public(who can be fantastic at this time of year with all the infect -iciousness of the season!) This is a good way to get into the trade,management tend to measure how well people cope with the Christmas mayhem for veiwing to take them permanently.THE PAY, I have to be honest, here in the UK its bloody rubbish, I'm a qualified FGA and DGA,so to a point I could command my own wages,but after 10 years in the trade until I stopped to stay home with Sophie, my little one,I never got higher than 22k, but I know from being in management that the poor temps were on peanuts. I have a freind who works in Tiffany's in London,and behind the glossy facade its just like anywhere else!!She always had to battle for better pay and she is every bit as qualified as I am,and will be a lot more knowledgeable than me as I have been off the circuit for quite a while now. Hope fully its just the UK that has such crappy pay structures!! But I think the saddest part of the whole Christmas temp thing was saying goodbye to them a the end of January,as after working through all the madness,long hours,sore feet the sense of closeness and teamspirit has become so strong that its hard to see them go,for the permanent staff as much for the temps!!!
  3. Ohh all I know is that I would work for the discounts itself!!
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