Has Anyone Here Purchased A Birkin From Beverly Hills Hermes?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone here purchased a Birkin from the BH Hermes? That is the one I will be going into every chance I get in hopes that they have the Birkin that I want. So I was hoping some of you have had luck in finding one there. I know everyone says to develop a relationship with a SA and purchase things but all I want is the Birkin.

    I went into the store a couple weeks ago and the SA told me to just stop by regularly and I might get lucky. She also said she sold one just the day before that was a blue jean togo. Ugh...it is so hard to save up for a bag not knowing when it will become available.:Push:
  2. I saw on another thread that one of our tpfer saw 4 when she was there last monday!

    I've seen one also during a weekday (and I've been there less than 5 times).

    so..I sort of believe that "go in regularly" line from the SA.

    well, go there regulary and GOOD LUCK!! :flowers:
  3. I'm not sure what's out there right now...but I have had many conversations with Julia who works at Hermes Beverly Hills & she was WONDERFUL! She found me my Globtrotter in the leather I wanted & the Color! She had searched for a few days for me and REALLY went far and beyond...plus she's new (or newer:smile: and I don't think she's been bitten by the H-SA SNOB BUG!!

    Just thought I'd mention it!

  4. Wow thanks I really appreciate it!!
  5. Good luck, Haute!
  6. I haven't found anyone at the Beverly Hills boutique to be snobby. They are super helpful and friendly even though I normally have a toddler and infant with me. They give my child water bottles and always ask after my huband.
  7. I wish you luck...

    When you have opportunities to purchase small gifts there that would be smart. I also would pop in whenever I could and chat.

    Keep that savings account because you will need it and you want the funds to be there!
  8. for 2 weeks straight i went early in the morings to try my luck at bh hermes store and on the second i got my graphite 35 birkin. my best options for you would be to go in the mornings and try to go as much as possible.... i did and i got lucky finally!!!!!!!!
    hope this can help you
  9. You are just fortunate that this store orders some store stock for birkins...many H boutiques don't!
  10. I also went to the BH store a couple weeks ago and the SA told me to stop by everyday and eventually you're bound to find one.... it may not be your first choice, but at least it's something!! Good luck :smile:
  11. I wonder if men have better luck there. My father has bought a few for my mother there over the years with no problem. They bent over backwards to get him anything he wanted, from anywhere. There was no wait time for her ostrich or alligator bags. It was wild! Just get a nice-looking older gentleman to do your bidding!

  12. You have a point. When they see an established looking fellow, they assume he is a serious shopper with a serious credit card and there is a sale to be made. Maybe we can start your dad in a new career as a personal shopper;)
  13. You have no idea what a perfect idea that is! He has impeccable taste and over the years several of his fashion-challenged friends have taken him along for advice. Then there's my brother with the most deplorable taste you've ever seen- go figure. I've always wondered about that postman...:graucho:
  14. Here is the real situation, no one in the store knows you, because as you mentioned, your not interested in buying anything else, or establishing a relationship with one of the SA's. Obviously that is going to make it more difficult for you to obtain your dream bag. You could do as Angelicskater16 did, and go every morning until you find one on the salesfloor, assuming you live close by, you don't work mornings or have to take kids to school, or whatever else it may be that you do in the morning. It is not, as thompk states, that Hermes SA's are snobby. It is merely that we are protective. Again, we don't know you, and you want a bag. How do we know that you are not a re-seller? How do we know your not some "crazy lady" who has been reading to much addictive banter on the Purse Forum? We don't. So my advice would be to go to the store, look around, don't be intimidated by the staff, and see if there is some person in the store you connect with. My experience in visiting BH is that they are pretty laid back, except for one crazy Eastern European female. Thompk must have had their trip to the Madison Boutique confused with their BH experience. Also, I would like to address the fallacy that men receive better service. Royceag mentioned her father has no trouble with obtaining exotic skin bags in BH. Well, exotic skins are of a much higher price point, and not everyone that could afford them necessarily wants to pay for them. So it could be that the boutique had some that were priced to high for certain budgets, and therefore readily available for purchase. Hope this can assist you, good luck with your Birkin search.
  15. I'm In So Cal and go to BH allot but I have noticed that my boyfriend can get any one there to get what he wants.
    I PO an RD birkin in 30 well all he did on a walk-in is ask a girl to find one and it took her no time. It was found and on its way in like a week.He send her flowers.He said it took a smile and a AMex black but I got the bag as an early V-day gift!!!
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