Has anyone here ordered a MC speedy from Elux?

  1. And if so were you happy with it? The reason I ask is because I have decided (finally!) to go ahead and get this bag and I have checked the inventory of the stores near me and they are very low (meaning maybe 1 each black and white). I won't have much of a choice of color pattern/combo. The colors on the front pocket are probably most important to me, not really on the rest of the bag though. I can save tax by buying through elux, but I have no control over what color (on front pockets) I will get (will I?). I don't know if I should risk buying this bag from elux. Opinions?:shrugs:
  2. hmmm, I'm in Germany so I've never ordered from eLux, but don't they have a live chat/toll free contact number or something?

    I'd give them a call and ask whether there's the possibility to specify a certain color combo like "lots of pink on front", "no green on the pockets" or something like that :yes:
  3. Thanks - they do have live chat. I know others here have tried to specify a made in France bag and they have not been able to honor such requests so I just assumed they wont honor a color request. I will call and see, but I don't think they will. I know the SA are at a totally different location than the warehouse and they have little control over what is sent out.
  4. My mom got one from there when they first came out and the supply was low. But then again we aren't picky about color combos so we were just happy we got one since back then the waiting lists were miles long.
    Anyway they probably won't be able to do such a thing since I think all the items are mostly already packed so you couldn't check to see what each looked like.
  5. I got a white and black one from there. I was elated with both when they arrived cause I lucked up and got fabulous color combos- but no, you wont be able to choose.

    I also got both my white and black MC Rita bags from there and altho I would have picked different in person, I do love the bags anyway. I have always been extremely picky about the colors but I'm getting better at just accepting what they send. I did send back a pochette cles once to them specifically because of the color combos. lol
  6. Call eluxury and see if they have one.
  7. I have never ordered MC from elux because of this. I am SUPER picky about the color combo! I guess you could order it from elux, and if you hate the colors then you can try your luck and exchange it at the store!